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beneath contempt

Abominable. The atrocities committed by this regime are beneath contempt.
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familiarity breeds contempt

Repeated exposure to someone or something often creates a contentious relationship. A: "Those two teams have built up quite a rivalry over the years." B: "Well, familiarity breeds contempt."
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beneath contempt

exceedingly contemptible. What you have done is beneath contempt. Your rude behavior is beneath contempt.
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Familiarity breeds contempt.

Prov. People do not respect someone they know well enough to know his or her faults. The movie star doesn't let anyone get to know him, because he knows that familiarity breeds contempt.
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in contempt (of court)

showing disrespect for a judge or courtroom procedures. The bailiff ejected the lawyer who was held in contempt. The judge found the juror in contempt of court when she screamed at the attorney.
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familiarity breeds contempt

Long experience of someone or something can make one so aware of the faults as to be scornful. For example, Ten years at the same job and now he hates it-familiarity breeds contempt. The idea is much older, but the first recorded use of this expression was in Chaucer's Tale of Melibee (c. 1386).
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familiarity breeds contempt

If you say that familiarity breeds contempt, you mean that if you know someone or something very well, you can easily become bored with them and stop treating them with respect. Of course, it's often true that familiarity breeds contempt, that we're attracted to those who seem so different from those we know at home. It is second-year drivers — when familiarity breeds contempt for road rules — that are the problem. Note: Other nouns are sometimes used instead of contempt. Familiarity breeds inattention. Typically, family members are so convinced they know what another family member is going to say that they don't bother to listen.
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hold someone or something in contempt

consider someone or something to be unworthy of respect or attention.
In formal legal contexts, holding someone in contempt means that they are judged to have committed the offence of contempt of court, i.e. they are guilty of disrespect or disobedience to the authority of a court in the administration of justice.
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beneath conˈtempt

very shameful or disgusting: Stealing the money was bad enough. Trying to get someone else blamed for it was beneath contempt.
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familiarity breeds conˈtempt

(saying) you have little respect, liking, etc. for somebody/something that you know too well: George’s father is regarded by everyone as a great artist, but George doesn’t think he is. Familiarity breeds contempt!
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The court remarked when arms have not been purchased then there stands no notice of contempt of court against IG Sindh, therefore, this notice is dismissed.
Irfan Qadir himself appeared during the hearing of the contempt of court notice against him.
Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah passed the orders while hearing different contempt petitions filed by retired government employees, including Sher Mohammad and others, against nonpayment of double pension.
Ruling that proceedings against an individual for contempt of court should be initiated with " utmost caution", the Supreme Court on Tuesday quashed contempt proceedings initiated by the Madras High Court against ONGC CMD Sudhir Vasudeva.
Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne yesterday stressed she accepted Mr Quinn was making efforts to purge his contempt but the PS47,000 was not enough.
Novelist and author Youssef Zidan was referred to investigation on Tuesday for contempt of religion.
The law on contempt of court is inextricably bound to the administration of justice.
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Consider, for instance, the contempt battle between TiVo Inc.
A defendant who was acquitted in a case in which a juror contacted her via Facebook has been found to be in contempt by Lord Judge at the high court.
According to The Nation, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said the Contempt Ordinance 2003 enjoyed protection under 18th Amendment.
Islamabad: The Pakistani Supreme Court here Monday started hearing petitions challenging a new contempt of court law apparently designed to ward off possibility of conviction of a second prime minister on contempt charges.
The sheriff called for a contempt of court hearing but at the same court yesterday, fiscal depute Carol Whyte said the Crown had decided it was not worth prosecuting Hendry.
Summary: ISLAMABAD -- Presenting his arguments in the contempt case on Thursday, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan maintained the bench which serves the contempt notice cannot hear the case.