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contemplate (one's) navel

To be excessively focused on one's personal problems or concerns. Good luck getting John's attention—he's too busy contemplating his navel to help anybody else.
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contemplate your navel

spend time complacently considering yourself or your own interests; concentrate on one issue at the expense of a wider view.
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Upon consideration and subsequent negotiations, the parties have entered into a revised non-binding letter of intent, which contemplates that each share of McLaren Performance common stock outstanding as of the closing date of the merger would be converted into the right to receive $.8875 in cash.
It contemplates the use of nuclear weapons as just another tool in the shed, with the Bush Administration talking publicly about the utility of such weapons in a way not heard since the early, crazy days of Ronald Reagan.
To be sure, the amendment contemplates massive changes to the manner in which the nation's major meat packing companies have organized their firms and conduct their businesses.
A Canada goose (right) contemplates the energetic arrival of 9-year-old Jessica Catledge (left) and her 6-year-old brother, Trevor Catledge, as they run across a millrace foot path at Alton Baker Park in Eugene.
1035 "contemplates the contemporaneous exchange of the entire old contract and simultaneous funding of a single, new contract" (see, e.g., Letter Ruling 8741052), the Tax Court concluded that:
In such cases, the person being held technically is not a hostage, used to secure fulfillment of a demand, but a victim whom the subject contemplates harming.
Firm contemplates importing by shipment of 50,000 metric tons, to reach 200,000 metric tons annually (which is the current annual demand in the capital).
In the tradition of the great short films of Sesame Street, Tweedle contemplates line and shape as the string rolls itself into a spiral, unrolls, becomes a scribble, becomes a snake.
It should also be noted that OSHA contemplates that the regulations will apply to all renovations and remodeling activities, which are defined to include "removal or replacement of walls, ceilings, floors, carpet and components such as moldings, cabinets, doors and windows; painting, decorating, demolition, surface refinishing and removal or cleaning of ventilation ducts."
The chapter also contemplates that any country may request consultations with another, including consultations with regulators, on any matter affected by the financial services chapter.
I note that your Rebuild America Fund proposal contemplates a $20 billion federal investment leveraging $30 billion more from other governmental or private sources.
The term sheet contemplates that the term of the license, including the period during which milestone payments, if any, could be achieved, would be until the later of the fifth anniversary of the last-to-expire patent licensed or 2035, and the license would be automatically renewable for one renewal term of ten years.
This interpretation reflects a close correspondence with Article IX, which contemplates a reallocation of "profits" to accord with what would have been appropriate for dealings between independent enterprises,(21) and with comments in this vein by the OECD in the OECD Guidelines.