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contemplate (one's) navel

To be excessively focused on one's personal problems or concerns. Good luck getting John's attention—he's too busy contemplating his navel to help anybody else.
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contemplate your navel

spend time complacently considering yourself or your own interests; concentrate on one issue at the expense of a wider view.
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The net proceeds from the contemplated tap issue will be used for general corporate purposes.
'Resort to legal action, although available, is not yet contemplated at this time,' he added.
The bankruptcy court approved the Company's entry into a commitment letter with a third-party financial institution relating to the $700 million first lien notes offering contemplated by the plan of reorganization.
The company also has taken assignment of all the assets, trade secrets and receivables of Rojo Resources, which had previously contemplated a change of business to focus on Argentina's burgeoning telecom sector.
Meanwhile, American Shannon Briggs has revealed fighting David Haye in September will cap a recovery from a time in which he contemplated suicide.
ABOUT two in five British men have contemplated taking their own lives, according to new research by a male suicide prevention charity.
Regarding the two planes that they are contemplating buying, Fonseca Mora said "they could cost between $8 million and $10 million and would allow us to reach any part of the country in case of a crash." As for the maintenance of the domestic terminals that are still under the supervision of the AAC, repairing the runway at Isla Colon is being contemplated, and the one in Changuinola which needs to be extended.
Funnily enough, I had contemplated quoting Eliot in a recent column headlined: "Fast Walking to Library Oblivion" about the threat to libraries as a result of cost cutting.
Mr Evans, who was cleared of nine offences against seven men, said he could see "through the prism of having gone through sheer hell for 11 months" as he admitted he contemplated suicide "at the darkest, most loneliest moment".
The contemplated sale would cover domestic and overseas operations of Sony Group, including operations of SCID, relating to the manufacture and sale of chemical products.
During an interview in CNN with Larry King, the 'Sleepy Hollow' star also said that the studio was so fearful that people could not understand what he was saying while in character, that they even contemplated subtitling his dialogues.
"Depression is a serious thing and after my defeat to Manny Pacquiao I contemplated retirement and didn't cope with it very well.
Elsewhere sculptures and paintings contemplated each other across space: Pedro de Mena's Virgin of Sorrows grieved for her dead son, the spectacularly gruesome Dead Christ by Fernandez (Fig.
Has the country contemplated that the very equipment it is purchasing to monitor its people could actually be used by the entity or organisation it is buying it from to monitor Bahrain?
KARAN Johar had always wanted to be a fashion designer and he had even contemplated studying it before his friends got him back to Mumbai and films.