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After purifying the target water from the present contaminators, field-application of chloramines must achieve instead of chlorine in the Public water tank and water pipe of Rafha City, in cooperation with Water Company in Rafha, to connect drinking water devoid of protozoan parasites and coliform bacteria and conform with specifications of the WHO to Raffia's citizens.
Tolerance of extreme temperatures and humidity as well as survival on dry surfaces for extended periods make these Gram-negative, non-fermentative opportunists ready contaminators of medical devices and equipment, (e.
The two sides were committed to cooperation in researches on Caspian Sea contaminators, fight against illegal fishing of sturgeons, facilitating aquatics imports and exports to and from the two countries, holding annual technical-scientific bilateral meetings on aquaculture and reviving aquatics resources in the Caspian Sea and experts exchange between the two countries on the aim of knowledge exchange and sturgeon cultivation.
Application of electromagnetic levitation for investigation of reactions between the gas and the molten metal ensures creation of the environment, which does not contain contaminators, without using a crucible or a substrate, obtaining of a big contact surface and efficient mixing of the molten metal, that enables quick achievement of equilibrium in the gas-liquid system.
When soldiers, children and refugees return home to their families after war, they are perceived to be potential contaminators of the community and families.
Abiding by international, regional and local laws related to environmental issues and prohibiting the usage of water contaminators, will also help in preserving the water environment.
This means that in [limonene's] presence, these air purifiers are actually air contaminators," says Nizkorodov.
TO the petrol contaminators who caused panic at the supermarket forecourts - a huge thank you.
up hazardous waste from those contaminators deemed liable for it.
Trading pollution credits among industrial contaminators to mitigate risk to public health has become de rigueur for the Bush administration, but it is a deceptive smokescreen that allows the worst industrial polluters to continue contaminating our environment.
Critics in Islamic nations, for instance, have pointed to the licentiousness, violence, disrespect for authority, and materialist consumerism conveyed by Western secular culture as unwanted contaminators threatening to undermine Muslim morality.