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contaminate (someone or something) with (something)

To pollute someone or something through exposure to something foul or dangerous. Be sure to wash your hands first so you don't contaminate the sterile area with germs.
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contaminate someone or something with something

to get someone or something dirty with something; to pollute someone or something with something. Something in the hospital contaminated the patient with a serious infection. The campers learned not to contaminate the outdoors with anything they carried in.
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That will prevent you from contaminating the poultry-and the people who eat it.
EPA is planning to excavate and remove pieces of deteriorated drums that were buried in a waste disposal area at the site to prevent them from further contaminating the surrounding soil with heavy metals.
The threat of an accident - not to mention airborne plutonium contaminating land, crops, animals, and people - leads many to fear an imminent nuclear disaster on our nation's highways.
Strands of DNA identified last year as belonging to a dinosaur actually come from contaminating bits of human genes, conclude molecular evolutionists from several different laboratories.
Because this metal vaporizes easily, winds can carry it over long distances, contaminating large areas.
of New York City guilty of contaminating those wells with chemical wastes.
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