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contaminate (someone or something) with (something)

To pollute someone or something through exposure to something foul or dangerous. Be sure to wash your hands first so you don't contaminate the sterile area with germs.
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contaminate someone or something with something

to get someone or something dirty with something; to pollute someone or something with something. Something in the hospital contaminated the patient with a serious infection. The campers learned not to contaminate the outdoors with anything they carried in.
See also: contaminate
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Second, it ignores the fact that MTBE, unlike the more than 400 other elements in gasoline, moves more quickly through soil, contaminates more water in a shorter amount of time, and is more difficult to remove from water than the other elements composing gasoline.
Finally, in the July 17 news release, the OFA went on to say that "unless you vigilantly monitor and clean up gasoline spills, gasoline, with or without MTBE will contaminate groundwater.
Festa also noted that the International SEMATECH contract compliments an agreement between Beta Squared and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), in which both organizations agreed to jointly research and develop advanced plasma technologies for the purpose of removing organic contaminates from semiconductor wafers and advanced masks.
The Company is examining ways in which it can incorporate this organic contaminate cleaning technology into a truly integrated cleaning solution by developing a proprietary particle contaminate cleaning system for both semiconductor wafers and masks.
matrix, break it apart, and free the absorbed contaminates,
The successful reduction of contaminates has led to acceptance of the process in the states of Florida, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.
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