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contaminate (someone or something) with (something)

To pollute someone or something through exposure to something foul or dangerous. Be sure to wash your hands first so you don't contaminate the sterile area with germs.
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contaminate someone or something with something

to get someone or something dirty with something; to pollute someone or something with something. Something in the hospital contaminated the patient with a serious infection. The campers learned not to contaminate the outdoors with anything they carried in.
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Despite the ongoing operation of the ground water treatment system at the site, tetrachloroethylene from the soil continues to contaminate the ground water.
But it's possible to accidentally contaminate a sample with oxygen once it is brought to the surface.
"I'm not suggesting that dry cleaners have the right to contaminate the air, but it has to be put in perspective."
Because volatile organic compounds have the ability to move down through the soil and contaminate ground water, all of the excavated soil that is contaminated with volatile organic compounds will be sent to a licensed offsite disposal facility.
Geologists have recognized for decades that NORM could contaminate equipment and wastes at nearly any mineral-extraction site.
It contaminates water, meat, dairy and poultry products, vegetables and fruits with an incubation period of 12 to 72 hours.