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be in contact with (one)

To communicate with one. Has anyone been in contact with grandma since the storm hit? Don't worry, I'll be in contact with you once I have some more information.
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bring (someone or something) into contact with (someone or something)

1. To introduce someone to someone else so that they can communicate in the future. My best friend wants to get fit, so I brought her into contact with my personal trainer.
2. To cause something to physically touch something else. This usage can refer to both people and things. Don't bring that wire into contact with this one! I start sneezing any time I am brought into contact with pollen.
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come in(to) contact

1. Literally, to touch someone or something. Jill got chicken pox too after coming in contact with her cousins while they were sick. Be careful not to come into contact with that plant—it's poison ivy.
2. To encounter someone or something. I'd never come into contact with this theory before, but it's pretty interesting.
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contact with (one)

Communication with one. Has anyone had contact with Grandma since the storm hit?
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have contact with (one)

To communicate with one. Has anyone had contact with Grandma since the storm hit?
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in contact with (one)

Communicating with one. Has anyone been in contact with Grandma since the storm hit? Don't worry, I'll be in contact with you once I have some more information.
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lose contact (with one)

To unintentionally decrease frequency of communication (with one) over time until no further contact takes place. Unfortunately, my college roommate and I lost contact over the years, so I have no idea how she's doing now. I lost contact with Tina after she moved to Alaska. The last I heard, she was still living out there.
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make contact with (someone or something)

1. To communicate with someone. Has anyone made contact with Grandma since the storm hit?
2. To touch someone or something. Be careful not to make contact with that plant—it's poison ivy. We have a massive leak because the construction crew made contact with a pipe while drilling in our basement.
3. To engage with an unknown entity for the first time. Do you think we'll ever make contact with intelligent life? The government strictly forbids anyone from making contact with the indigenous tribe.
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no plan survives contact with the enemy

Military plans always need to be changed once they are enacted in real-life military situations. The saying emphasizes the need for flexibility, as opposed to strict adherence to strategy. It is attributed to Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, a 19th-century Prussian field marshal. Men, be ready to make changes on the battlefield—we all know that no plan survives contact with the enemy.
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point of contact

A person or entity one can seek to access information or services. Our account manager Sarah will be your new point of contact moving forward if you need any information about your account. The consulate should be your first point of contact should you need any assistance during your travels.
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bring someone or something into contact with someone or something

to cause things or people to touch or associate with one another. She hasn't been the same since I brought her into contact with the child who had chicken pox. Don't bring your hand in contact with the poison ivy. Don't bring him into contact with Fred.
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come in(to) contact

 (with someone or something)
1. Lit. to touch someone or something, probably unknowingly. How many people have come into contact with the sick man? He came in contact with almost no one.
2. Fig. to meet up with and learn about someone or something. Have you ever come into contact with trigonometry before? I have never come in contact with anything so difficult.
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*contact with someone a link to someone

resulting in communication. (*Typically: be in ~; have ~; make~.) I have had no contact with Bill since he left town. Tom made contact with a known criminal last month.
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in contact (with someone or something)

communicating with someone or a group; to share information with someone or a group. I have been in contact with our supplier, who will deliver the part next week. I am in contact with the Senate committee now.
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lose contact with someone or something

 and lose touch with someone or something
[for communication with someone or a group] to fail or fade away; to let one's friendship or relationship with someone or a group lapse. I hope I don't lose contact with you. I don't want to lose touch with my old friends.
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ˌpoint of ˈcontact

a place where you go or a person that you speak to when you are dealing with an organization: The receptionist is the first point of contact most people have with the clinic.
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lose ˈtouch/ˈcontact (with somebody/something)

not write/speak to somebody or not hear/read about somebody/something as you did in the past: She lost touch with most of her old friends when she moved to London.
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Contactual provides cloud-based call centre and customer interaction management solutions.
"Contactual uses innovative software solutions, rather than expensive customized hardware to deliver on-demand contact center service to our customers," said Mansour Salame, chairman and CEO of Contactual.
8x8 has been reselling Contactual's contact center solution since 2007; that accounted for approximately 10 percent of its sales last year.
Initially, the buyer had announced it would acquire the firm for 6.7m own shares but eventually reduced the number by 215,100 shares as it agreed to pay statutory tax withholding on behalf of five former executives of Contactual.
These vendors include relatively new entrants that concentrate solely on the hosted market, such as Contactual, Cosmocom, and UCN; enterprise software providers, such as Oracle; outsourcing vendors, such as West; and the better-known contact center infrastructure manufacturers such as Aspect Software, Cisco Systems, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, and Interactive Intelligence, all of which have actively entered this segment, strengthening its position as a viable market.
The Contactual OnDemand Contact Center is a fully integrated solution so customers purchase the entire platform, although some portion of the feature set is optional.
Now that the technology has been bolstered by IP telephony, IP-hosted call center solutions, such as those offered by, Contactual, EagleACD, EchoPass, and Five9, are truly competing with the more traditional enterprise call center solutions of the past.
Avaya, Cisco, Contactual, and Siemens all have begun working on their own solutions.
Contactual's Advanced Virtual Tenant Architecture provides a multi-platform, fully redundant architecture that is deployed in five data centers worldwide.
iPass chose Contactual because it would scale immediately and improve customer interactions without the costs of a premise-based system.
This functionality is contained for example in Contactual's Contactual OnDemand Contact Center Version 6.
* Contactual's ( has updated its offerings with Contactual On-Demand Contact Center Version 6, which offers better security, a new reporting API, and an improved IVR editor.