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consume mass quantities

To eat, drink, or otherwise consume large amounts of something. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Large family holidays are all typified by consuming mass quantities of food and alcohol. As the largest economy on the planet, our prerogative seems to be to consume mass quantities of the Earth's resources.
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consumed by desire

Completely absorbed and controlled by one's passion or lust for something or someone. Jonathan found himself consumed by desire to be with Stephen, such that he could no longer pay attention in class. Many men, consumed by desire for a woman, have committed atrocious and sometimes bizarre acts of depravity. Consumed by his desire to rule the world, the dictator was blind to the mutiny of his advisors.
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The importance of consuming adequate carbohydrates is unmistakable.
His papers note that the participants had been consuming no more than 600 mg of calcium a day before the studies began.
as the top natural rubber consuming nation, according to the International Rubber Study Group.
Women in the first group were encouraged to increase their fiber consumption to 30 grams per day by consuming vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grain products.
In 1994, when the top-of-the-line processor was the Pentium 75 MHz, consuming 40 MHz really affected the PC performance; thus, the idea of bundling the software modem was rejected by PC manufacturers.
As a result of the "reasonable care" requirement, "recyclers" must contact the government to inquire about a consuming facility's operations and compliance with applicable environmental requirements.
Answering these questions definitively is impossible, but for each of us in the world's consuming class, asking is essential nonetheless.
Dubai: An employee is being tried for consuming hashish, which he claims to have smoked during a wedding in Egypt.
Researchers found that rats consuming all of their sugar solution in the inactive period gained more weight than rats consuming all their sugar solution during the active period, even though their total caloric intake was the same.
Our findings demonstrate that several factors associated with an elevated risk for cardiovascular disease were increased in individuals consuming 25 percent of their calories as fructose or high fructose corn syrup, but consumption of glucose did not have this effect," added Stanhope.
When consuming a large number of calories at one time, the athlete must understand that some of them will be stored as fat because of the sudden demand on the metabolic pathways.
In a larger group of volunteers, the researchers found that regardless of Alzheimer's, people consuming the most niacin experienced slower mental declines with age than did people consuming the least amount of the vitamin.
And with the food industry fortifying so many foods with calcium, consuming that much isn't hard.