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consume mass quantities

To eat, drink, or otherwise consume large amounts of something. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Large family holidays are all typified by consuming mass quantities of food and alcohol. As the largest economy on the planet, our prerogative seems to be to consume mass quantities of the Earth's resources.
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consumed by desire

Completely absorbed and controlled by one's passion or lust for something or someone. Jonathan found himself consumed by desire to be with Stephen, such that he could no longer pay attention in class. Many men, consumed by desire for a woman, have committed atrocious and sometimes bizarre acts of depravity. Consumed by his desire to rule the world, the dictator was blind to the mutiny of his advisors.
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Energy-efficient schools in Dubai consume 61 per cent less energy and 84 per less water.
Authority were likely to consume less water and energy.
To maintain weight, he must consume the same number of calories than he expends.
* Consume foods that are high in calories (but not high in fat).
In the 1990s, a mere 20 percent of the world's people - mostly in the West - consume an incredible 80 percent of the world's natural resources and generate 80 percent of the pollution and waste.
If we can stem the seemingly inexorable rush to constantly buy and consume more, the beleaguered planet will have gained some valuable breathing room.
Those at the bottom clearly fall below the "too little" line, while those at the top, in what could be called the cars-meat-and-disposables class, clearly consume too much.
The proliferation of shopping centers has, in a roundabout way, also promoted the compulsion to consume. Mall design itself encourages acquisitive impulses, many critics believe.
They were part of a group of people, all 65 or older, who had been randomly assigned to consume daily for 3 years either a tablet containing 500 milligrams of calcium and 700 international units of vitamin D or a look-alike placebo.
That's because we rarely consume caffeine by itself.
And birth defects were reported in the children of three women who drank 8 to 25 cups of coffee a day.(3) In 1980, based largely on the animal evidence, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised pregnant women to "avoid caffeine-containing foods and drugs, if possible, or consume them only sparingly."
During that time, adult and adolescent chimps consume from 1 to nearly 4 ounces of meat daily.
Kasakela chimps typically first consume a monkey's brain, which contains a dense supply of fat.
Because beta-carotene seems to cut the risk of lung cancer "only" by half--and since it has no apparent effect on other risks of smoking--many experts are not comfortable advising smokers to consume more of it.
On the other hand, smokers (for unknown reasons) have a tendency to consume fewer carotene-rich foods.