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consume mass quantities

To eat, drink, or otherwise consume large amounts of something. Primarily heard in US. Large family holidays are all typified by consuming mass quantities of food and alcohol. As the largest economy on the planet, our prerogative seems to be to consume mass quantities of the Earth's resources.
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consumed by desire

Completely absorbed and controlled by one's passion or lust for something or someone. Jonathan found himself consumed by desire to be with Stephen, such that he could no longer pay attention in class. Many men, consumed by desire for a woman, have committed atrocious and sometimes bizarre acts of depravity. Consumed by his desire to rule the world, the dictator was blind to the mutiny of his advisors.
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Had KE delayed the meter reading a few more days, total consumed units would have gone over 700 and I would be forced to pay even a higher amount owing to KE's progressive rate plan which charges higher rates when consumed units go over 700.
The researchers found that 36.6 percent of adults consumed fast food on a given day during 2013 to 2016.
Non-smokers consumed more food which contained fewer calories.'
Professor Bellis also noted the setting where the beverage was consumed, in terms of its effect on human emotions.
Of the 5,830 people who consumed at least three servings per day of low-fat dairy at the start of the study, only 60 people, or 1 percent, developed the disease over the study period.
possessed 7.2gm of methamphetamine and 7.8gm of heroin and consumed morphine, methadone, codeine, methamphetamine and amphetamine, according to records.
She claimed that she went to the rest room and when she came out her friends were asleep aACA* she alleged that she thought they were sleeping after having consumed heroin.
People who consumed more than seven grams of sodium per day had a significantly higher chance of death than those who ate three to four grams per day.
71 million kWh of electricity is consumed by population in winter, in summer population consumes 23 million kWh.
He said she was drunk at the time and was not aware that she consumed hashish.
adults consumed an average of about 11 percent of their total daily calories from fast food in 2007-2010, according to a recent report.
However, says CRA, neither of these sugars is consumed in any appreciable degree in isolation in the human diet as they are almost always consumed together.
An analysis of price transmission through three stages of food production reveals substantial differences in price transmission from producer food to consumer food consumed at home versus that consumed away from home; increases in various food-related PPIs lead to increases in the CPI for food consumed at home but not the CPI for food consumed away from home
The bulk of the diesel consumed in Santa Cruz is earmarked for the sugar cane, soy and rice processing industries.
Inserting novel code into culture--code that can expand our ideas of what can be consumed. Even without this intention or focus, consumption can generate a gain in metaphysical weight.