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consume mass quantities

To eat, drink, or otherwise consume large amounts of something. Primarily heard in US. Large family holidays are all typified by consuming mass quantities of food and alcohol. As the largest economy on the planet, our prerogative seems to be to consume mass quantities of the Earth's resources.
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consumed by desire

Completely absorbed and controlled by one's passion or lust for something or someone. Jonathan found himself consumed by desire to be with Stephen, such that he could no longer pay attention in class. Many men, consumed by desire for a woman, have committed atrocious and sometimes bizarre acts of depravity. Consumed by his desire to rule the world, the dictator was blind to the mutiny of his advisors.
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A median hotel in Dubai consumes 252 kWh/m2/year of energy and 1,486 litres/m2/year of water while a median resort in Dubai consumes 334 kWh/m2/year of energy and 1,676 litres/m2/year of water.
Consume canned tuna one day, broiled salmon another.
Following an activity, it's best to consume foods that are high in carbohydrates that will restore the muscle glycogen in the quickest fashion.
The study will investigate how much caffeine is consumed in the diet; how many caffeine free drinks are consumed; how people feel the caffeine in tea, coffee and cola affects them; what people think about caffeine, if at all; where people consume caffeine; how caffeine affects sleep and whether people have any adverse effects after consuming caffeine.
Dumont announced that the company is building a rail spur at its Livermore Falls, Maine, location, a power generating plant that consumes some 350,000 tons per year of wood.
While software-based dial-up modems consume 40 MHz of the CPU resources, an ADSL modem operating at 1.5 MBPS may consume 200 MHz.
Many trucks manufactured today have computers that document the amount of fuel an engine consumes while traveling (including idling), average trip distance, average load factor, average driving speed, etc.
Palestinians consume only about 18% of the safe yield of their aquifers in the Jenin district and East Nablus (Wadi Al Far'a, Wadi El Bathan, as well as Aqrabaniya and Nassariya) for both irrigation and domestic purposes.
In part, it's because our culture bombards us with a single message: Consume, consume, consume.
Per person, the Japanese of today consume more than four times as much aluminum, almost five times as much energy, and 25 times as much steel as people in Japan did in 1950.
You did not consume hashish?" presiding judge Mohammad Jamal asked the defendant.
A study published online July 23, 2014 in the journal Menopause found that women who didn't consume caffeine were less likely to be bothered by these symptoms than were women who did consume caffeine.
If you slow down when you are eating, you could consume fewer calories, according to a study published Jan.
After verifying the information about the suspects, the police put the flat under surveillance and it was found out that a number of young men meet in the flat and consume drugs together.