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construe (something) as (something)

To view or interpret something in a particular way Although I believe that he's innocent, I can see how one could easily be construe his actions as a crime.
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construe something as something

to interpret something to mean something. Please do not construe this as criticism. We mistakenly construed her comments as positive.
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That is, in construing whether North Carolina lawmakers were providing constitutionally adequate educational services, the court looked to student progress on the state's learning standards.
In construing claims, the court is defining the legal rights created by the patent.
The focus in construing claims is not the subjective intent of the parties, which would be a question of fact, but how an objective person of ordinary skill would interpret the claim, the court reasoned.
Spirited debate has arisen within the United States about whether and how foreign law should be utilized for purposes of construing the U.
The Court applied no such limitation in construing the term "remote interface" under the Company's first loan processing patent (U.
Philip Morris USA believes the ruling is supported by settled decisions of the United States Supreme Court and other federal courts construing class-action and punitive damages law.