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construe (something) as (something)

To view or interpret something in a particular way Although I believe that he's innocent, I can see how one could easily be construe his actions as a crime.
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construe something as something

to interpret something to mean something. Please do not construe this as criticism. We mistakenly construed her comments as positive.
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(c) references to the Government of the said State shall be construed as including references to the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir acting on the advice of his Council of Ministers; and
This Court, nearly three decades ago, construed that exact same language to require the post-verdict disclosure of juror names and addresses, absent a district court having made the requisite 'particularized findings' to justify either nondisclosure or a delay in disclosure.
Such illegal activities conducted by foreign companies or operatives can be construed as spying, perhaps even treasonous, and is to be harshly condemned,' said Mohamed Arshad.
'It is well settled by now that Article 204 of the Constitution is to be construed in conjunction with Article 19 and Article 66 thereof in a manner which should deter the commission of contempt of court but at the same time it should preserve and protect the freedom of speech and expression,' the reply explained.
"Our request, however, should not be construed to mean that the complaint was unfounded or had no merits or that Kethi was a lawfully registered voter." Hassan said,
Current patent jurisprudence masks the reality that the theoretically separate steps of construing claims and applying the construed claims are inseparable in practice.
Accordingly, LSAT argues that the Convention's enabling legislation is an 'Act of Congress' within the meaning of the [MFA] provision that '[n]o Act of Congress shall be construed to invalidate, impair, or supersede any law enacted by any State for the purpose of regulating the business of insurance....'" [720-1].
"Your comments are I believe inappropriate, unhelpful, and could be construed as partisan.
the kinds of trajectories of globalization (Malthusian disaster, ecological ruin, rapid modernization) are construed as the inevitable realizations of an ineluctably evolving capitalist system.
Sources--who didn't want to speak on the record while making what could be construed as disparaging remarks about the site--said that such a design concept might be costly and technically difficult to execute and could make the building more vulnerable to the kind of car or truck bomb attack that spurred a redesign and repositioning of the Freedom Tower.
The trade association believes no state regulated authority should allow advertisements that may be construed as supported by the state government.
Assignment to a general officer position should not be construed as the Senate's consent of promotion nomination, and there will be no action to frock or promote until Senate confirmation.
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
Yet his credo that the ballet language exerts a moral force bears consideration in an era when anything that moves is often construed as dance.
However, the Ninth Circuit applied the basic principle of statutory construction that "a statute ought, upon the whole, to be so construed that, if it can be prevented, no clause, sentence, or word shall be superfluous, void, or insignificant," Planned Parenthood of Idaho, Inc., 376 F3d 908 (9th Cir.