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construe (something) as (something)

To view or interpret something in a particular way Although I believe that he's innocent, I can see how one could easily be construe his actions as a crime.
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construe something as something

to interpret something to mean something. Please do not construe this as criticism. We mistakenly construed her comments as positive.
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In a recent patent trial in Canada, the judge had to construe the term "inert" in the context of a pharmaceutical sub-coating.
The executive branch shall construe provisions of the Act that purport to authorize or require executive branch officials to submit legislative recommendations to the Congress in a manner consistent with the constitutional authority of the President to supervise the unitary executive branch and to recommend for congressional consideration such measures as the President shall judge necessary and expedient.
Further, the reported opinions cited above arguably would require the Service to construe broadly the phrase, "[i]f the claim for credit or refund relates to an overpayment attributable to any taxes paid or accrued to any foreign country .
If such holds true for the destiny of sculpture in its postmodern field, might we not be able to construe a similarly expanded field for architecture in its present exploratory condition?
We are thus called upon to construe the incidents in the poem in the larger context of U.
The first three, all previously published, construe the emergence of the modern, professional, discipline-based university as a response to the breakdown of earlier city-based ways of sustaining intellectual activity.
Given the Constitution's commitment to the presidency of the authority to conduct the Nation's foreign affairs, the executive branch shall construe such policy statements as advisory.
For example, if we acknowledge femininity as a discursive construction, how can we authentically construe a feminine esthetics and identity apart from the patriarchal framework upon which they are grounded?
The executive branch shall construe these sections in a manner consistent with the constitutional authority of the President.
The executive branch shall construe certain provisions of the Act that purport to require congressional committee approval for the execution of a law as calling solely for notification, as any other construction would be inconsistent with the constitutional principles enunciated by the Supreme Court of the United States in INS v.
Lease [paragraph] 13] is so broad, for the court to construe the clause to permit extensive work except where the Hotel must be closed to customers, would constitute a re-writing of the contract by the court.
Supreme Court voted 5-4 to construe ERISA strictly, rejecting the argument that nonfiduciaries could be liable for compensatory damages for their knowing participation in a fiduciary breach.
The executive branch shall construe these sections to require notice at a time and in a manner consistent with the President's constitutional authority.
The Sixth Circuit has held that when an administrator of a stock bonus/profit-sharing plan was granted broad discretion to interpret and construe the plan, its determination that a partial termination had not occurred should be reviewed under a relatively undemanding "arbitrary and capricious" standard (Sea Ray Employees' Stock Ownership and Profit-Sharing Plan v.
The executive branch shall construe as calling solely for notification those provisions of the Act that are inconsistent with the requirements of bicameral passage and presentment set forth in the Constitution, as construed by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1983 in INS v.