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construct (something) from (something)

To build something from certain materials or items. We constructed our solar system from foam balls and popsicle sticks—what did you guys use?
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construct something from something

 and construct something out of something
to build something using something. Do you want to construct the house from wood? Shall we construct the building out of stone?
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People not only differ in their constructs, but also in the way in which these are organized into systems.
The constructs were also inserted into mice for two, four and eight weeks to see how they performed in a real life system.
Understanding the nature of constructs is important when critiquing this kind of study.
Explanatory constructs (causality) may relate psychology to biology, chemistry, and social events but may not be reduced to them.
The most contentious issue appears to be a lack of consensus between the antecedents of trust and the construct of trust itself (Bhattacharya, Devinney, & Pilluta, 1998; Gill et al.
Possible constructs are discussed and sketched and are modified through an iterative process of making and testing.
To construct improvements on the replacement property that will qualify for a like-kind exchange, clients often have them constructed by an independent party, and then, at a later date, exchange into the replacement property.
Text Element Identifiers shall be limited to the minimum set necessary to comply with either UID Construct #1 or #2 and shall be taken from the DoD collaborative solution.
However, the real dogmatic, separatist enclave is Ruby itself, whose leaders work hard to construct the Convent in binary opposition to itself.
This construct was linearized by digestion with PvuII and microinjected into zebrafish embryos at the one-cell stage as described by Westerfield (13).
Consumer satisfaction and perceived quality: Complementary or divergent constructs.
Though certainly the relationship between the Catholic Church and state and the duration of the Franco dictatorship make for some distinctions, these essays show that Spanish women were subject to most of the same types of ideological constructs, political developments, and market transformations as other women on the continent.
There are common factors that can be identified in the camp programs that have a focus on enhancing a construct of self.
This cumulative perception then, when combined with other individuals' realities derived from a similar perspective, forms the basis for defining social constructs.
Included in the present article are the learning engagement constructs of help seeking, peer learning, and effort regulation.