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construct (something) from (something)

To build something from certain materials or items. We constructed our solar system from foam balls and popsicle sticks—what did you guys use?
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construct (something) out of (something)

To build something from certain materials or items. We constructed our solar system out of foam balls and popsicle sticks. What did you guys use?
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construct something from something

 and construct something out of something
to build something using something. Do you want to construct the house from wood? Shall we construct the building out of stone?
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The following summary shows how FHM work to the Considerate Constructors principles: Considerate We make sure that all our sites are well signed and residents are kept informed of all works with plenty of notification.
The 510bhp two-seater coupe sports a special plaque on its rear grille commemorating Ferrari's constructors' title, and its blistering pace means 0 to 62mph time of just 3.7 seconds and a top speed of just over 190mph.
The Jeeves Universal solution will replace Constructor's current IBS/ASW-based solution.
The plaintiffs asserted the trial court erred in 1)holding that ORS 537.769 does not expressly premmpt Jackson County's ordinances; and 2) concluding that the ordinances are not inconsistent with, and thereby not preempted by, the Commission's statutory powers and administrative rules on the subject of water wells, well constructors, and well testing.
The joint venture mainly affects the Nordic countries, where Constructor has its largest presence.
Whether beginner or expert, no constructor makes a comfortable living solely by selling puzzles.
Frank Haslam Milan (FHM) North East won the honour at the Considerate Constructors Awards for its refurbishment on behalf of Coast and Country Housing in the Woodside and Queensway area of Saltburn.
'It has always been part of our management policy to work with the local community and involve them from the start in the progress of the work on site and we are delighted to support this new nationwide Considerate Constructor initiative'.
The American Subcontractors Association (ASA) and the Foundation of ASA (FASA) have taken support of the professional constructor to a new level.
But on a new track and with nothing on the line after Jenson Button and Brawn GP sealed the drivers' and constructor's crowns in Brazil 11 days ago, Raikkonen believes there maybe a surprise or two this weekend.
Hamilton said his minimum ambition is to win FIVE grands prix, finish all 18 rounds and lead Vodafone McLaren to the constructors' title they were stripped of after last year's spying saga.
As constructors strive to reach Government energy efficiency targets, building designs will change with more south-facing windows and a move away form bricks and mortar.