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construct (something) from (something)

To build something from certain materials or items. We constructed our solar system from foam balls and popsicle sticks—what did you guys use?
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construct something from something

 and construct something out of something
to build something using something. Do you want to construct the house from wood? Shall we construct the building out of stone?
See also: construct
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The novel thus re-imagines agency in terms of a reconceptualization of coalition and community as interrelated, emphasizing the need for constructing dynamic coalitions that acknowledge both "connections and diversity" (Kennedy ix), that envision and enact power as power with rather than power over, and that work to ensure survival and a form of justice that embraces care and nurturing and is no longer grounded in hierarchical structures.
Constructing Spanish Womanhood represents an important contribution to Spanish historiography.
This discourse then becomes a tool central to constructing reality and building social constructs.
She locates (perhaps over-simplistically) several contemporary feminists within one of two camps: those who presuppose a universalizing, ahistorical framework for constructing accounts of women's experience and those who adhere to the historically localized and culturally specific for such accounts.
Their technique for constructing such arrangements exploits a mysterious, largely unsuspected link between number theory -- the study of integers -- and the geometrical problem of packing spheres efficiently.
Lot 1: Involve the fitting out works the market DajabEn Existing building (drinking water plumbing, sewerage, fire protection, electricity, ventilation, goods lift), constructing warehouses with light metallic structure (Surface area 1450 m2), constructing a compacted sub- base with vibrated concrete pavement for the outdoor wholesale market (area 1.
ACC also constructed the Retail Executive Offices and the Personal Shopping Areas for a luxury retailer on Fifth Avenue, and is presently constructing pre-built suites for the industry's top real estate companies as well as interior build-outs for several advertising firms and hedge funds.
The special issue concludes with an "analysis of the analyses" that reviews and integrates the authors' recommendations and suggestions for constructing the future of the profession.
The lease agreement stated that Y will provide X with a construction allowance in the amount of $1 million for the retail space; it also provides that, to the extent the $1 million construction allowance is spent on qualified long-term real property, it is for the purpose of constructing or improving qualified long-term real property for use in X's business at the retail space located at Y's shopping center.
Penny Tinkler's Constructing Girlhood illustrates the intricacy of this discourse between author and audience through an analysis of fiction and non-fiction published in popular periodicals for "girls" in England from 1920 to 1950.
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