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construct (something) from (something)

To build something from certain materials or items. We constructed our solar system from foam balls and popsicle sticks—what did you guys use?
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construct (something) out of (something)

To build something from certain materials or items. We constructed our solar system out of foam balls and popsicle sticks. What did you guys use?
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construct something from something

 and construct something out of something
to build something using something. Do you want to construct the house from wood? Shall we construct the building out of stone?
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Business Center - HCE uses Bentley's i-models to streamline the creation of 3D constructible models from the final contract drawings.
Se utilizan los siguientes resultados (de los cuales se da un esbozo de prueba): el teorema de Lowenheim-Skolem, el teorema de Shepherdson y un resultado de Godel que garantiza que los subconjuntos constructibles de un nivel M([omega]([alfa])) son miembros del nivel M[omega]w([alfa] + 1)).
Our new nation-level measure views social capital as cooperative norms and emphasizes its development as being constructible through self-organization rather than as being endowed.
Schapira, Moderate and formal cohomology associated with constructible sheaves, Mem.
"If the designer presents something that is not constructible the lead contractor (Granite) should refuse the design and be asking for alternatives."
Thus, Borges clearly takes distance to the nationalistic position prevailing at that time, but without going to the other extreme that shows identity as something arbitrarily constructible and thus disposable.
He used a predicate Pr(x) to mean that x is constructible in the environment, then he developed a set of axioms which describe the properties of the environment.
In September 2008, XL sued the Department of Transportation claiming that its obligations under the performance bond had been "discharged," or erased, because the state had allegedly concealed inspection reports detailing the bridge's distressed condition and the plans for refurbishment were "not constructible."
"In the instance of La Broceliande, we have even sacrificed 20-25 percent of the constructible area to have gardens.
As creators and stewards of the built environment, architects have enlivened New York City, delivering buildings that were not feasible or constructible a decade ago.
In her attention to language regulating ontology, Dvorak contributes to the existing and constructible conversations between Delrez and Gabrielle, and among Delrez, New and Williams.
We show that these theorems require further assumptions, as counterexamples that meet their respective conditions are constructible.
There is a constructible function f [member of] [L.sup.[infinity].sub.loc] (R) whose autocorrelation [A.sub.f] exists for all t [member of] R, and [A.sub.f] = [??] on R, i.e.,
The model is canonical, in the context of large cardinals, in the sense that Godel's constructible universe L and its relativization to the reals are canonical.