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construct (something) from (something)

To build something from certain materials or items. We constructed our solar system from foam balls and popsicle sticks—what did you guys use?
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construct something from something

 and construct something out of something
to build something using something. Do you want to construct the house from wood? Shall we construct the building out of stone?
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CDA officials told Dawn that according to a cabinet decision dated July 16, 1997, the NHA is bound to acquire 600ft on either side of Kashmir Highway and construct underpasses, interchanges and loops at locations in conformity with the CDA's master plan.
The work of personal construct psychologists in the clinical field has included the elucidation of processes of construing in a range of client groups, throughout the life cycle, and the development and evaluation of treatment methods (Winter, 1992a; Winter & Viney, 2005).
The Ministry further seeks to construct 14,300 new units in the city of Tayyiba in Luxor governorate, in addition to 14,600 units in Aswan, along with 12,800 in the Red Sea governorate.
Other methods of fabrication, such as robotic systems, are currently being developed to further improve the production of implantable tissue constructs.
Understanding the nature of constructs is important when critiquing this kind of study.
Yet when psychologists begin with the construct of the brain as the producer of psychological activity they often ignore the equal necessity of these other participants and interpret the event as caused by the brain alone (Bennett & Hacker, 2001; Kantor, 1959, p.
Our urge is to construct relationships and to recognize patterns, and it extends to finding them when they do not exist, as we look for them in many different processes and objects (Gregory, 1997).
The constructivist approach, with the counselor and client collaborating to co-construct, de-construct, and construct the client's narrative, provides an opportunity to address this challenge.
UID constructs require the use of an Issuing Agency Code (IAC) that identifies the authority that issues enterprise identifiers.
Many times it is worthwhile for students to actually construct their own hunt.
However, the real dogmatic, separatist enclave is Ruby itself, whose leaders work hard to construct the Convent in binary opposition to itself.
w]hen we speak or write about him, we are really referring to a construct called 'Marlowe"': while the same might be "said about all writers.
Yet, these modern Jewish thinkers blurred the very boundaries that they wished to reaffirm, by drawing upon Christian theological motifs to construct theologies of Jewish identity.
Another issue raised with many of the research efforts in the human service satisfaction area is that studies frequently utilize instruments which define and measure satisfaction as a single and complete construct (Danek, Parker & Szymanski, 1991; Lebow, 1982).
There are common factors that can be identified in the camp programs that have a focus on enhancing a construct of self.