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construe (something) as (something)

To view or interpret something in a particular way Although I believe that he's innocent, I can see how one could easily be construe his actions as a crime.
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construe something as something

to interpret something to mean something. Please do not construe this as criticism. We mistakenly construed her comments as positive.
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"The Israeli government" was another ingroup construal identified, expressed alongside others like "the settlements," "Israeli citizens" and the outgroup construals "the Palestinians" and the "framework of the Oslo accords." It was at the same time used alongside ingroup actions like "committed to achieving peace," "eager for peace talks," "limited Jewish constructions" and with "both sides are willing to make the sacrifices necessary for peace" and "both sides are willing to talk to each other" which were used as both ingroup actions and desired outgroup ones.
Axiological proximisation is a forced construal of a gathering ideological conflict between the 'home values' of DS central entities, IDCs and the 'alien' antagonistic values of the ODCs, which occupy the conceptual periphery of the DS.
(2012), "Personal or interpersonal construal of happiness: A cultural psychological perspective", International Journal of Wellbeing, Vol.
Based on construal level theory, the finding hinted that bilinguals were likely to adopt concrete low-level construals through rich, direct, detailed context when thinking about undocumented immigration issues, while non-bilinguals adopted high-level construals with general decontext mental presentations.
Owen's (1986, p.240) influential construal of this sequel of T2 claims that the legomena are the phainomena about akrasia.
The wide variability in individuals' construal of NSEs creates inconsistencies in efforts to quantify sexual assault experiences for research purposes.
The association between psychological distance and construal level: evidence from an implicit association test.
Users of English as a second language use strategic construal (Geld 2009) to make sense of complex constructions such as particle verbs (PVs), where constructional meaning may go over and above the meaning of the constituent parts (e.g.
Scientists from Dartmouth College in the US tested the basic question would processing the same information on a digital versus non-digital platform affect construal levels the fundamental level of concreteness versus abstractness that people use in perceiving and interpreting behaviours, events and other informational stimuli, this was reported by a private news channel quoting the study.
Rapport invokes "construal level theory" to explain postconflict reconstruction failures following World War II and Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, arguing that the Roosevelt and Bush administrations projected confidence and visionary objectives for peace after the war without providing the necessary organizational support.
Construal level theory, Destination marketing management, Iran, Psychic distance, Tourist perception.
* Elizabeth Levy Paluck and Eldar Shafir, Princeton University, "The Psychology of Construal in the Design of Field Experiments"
Especially useful are his "nine patterns of construal" that capture "an imaginative judgment about divine disclosure in and through the scriptures" (102).
This theory posits that psychological distance (i.e., a subjective perception of the distance between a person/perceiver and an event/object) systematically affects a person's mental construal (i.e., representation) of the event, leading to differing information preferences and decision modes (Trope, Liberman, & Wakslak, 2007).