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constrain (one) from (doing something)

To prevent or hinder one from doing something. For years, stage fright constrained me from singing in public.
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constrain someone from doing something

to prevent someone from doing something; to hold someone back from doing something. I hope this doesn't constrain you from trying out for the play. His handicap did not constrain him from finishing the race.
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Simulations showed an increase in statistical estimation precision that results from constraining the concentration-response function estimates to be biologically plausible.
Data are resources that make possible the construction of certain models, and the best models are those better tuned to their constraining affordances.
Once the constraining factor has been identified, management should examine whether the constraining factor can be increased.
Daufel Enterprises' constraining factor is, like many small businesses, the time of one or a few key individuals.
Instead, they are guided by a political philosophy demonstrating clear policy commitments that question the efficacy of his own rules of construction in constraining his behavior.
The first of these dilemmas may be called, borrowing from Ibn Khaldun and Albert Hourani, an 'asabiyya dilemma: a condition where society is composed of different segments, each with its own 'asabiyya (solidarity) and its specific vision and definition of the territorial entity.(16) The 'asabiyya dilemma is a primary security imperative constraining and shaping the regime's survival policies.
The constraining layer thickness can be from 1/10 as thick as the underlying structure.
The Early Intervention Project of the Workplace Center has helped identify aspects of organizations that act as the forces promoting or constraining program activity.
Bridging inferences; constraining and resolving underspecification in discourse interpretation.
With an optional tire constraining unit (TCU), a realistic multiaxial load can be applied on the tire, enabling it to perform scans corresponding to FE simulations to be performed.
"The Changing Venues for Learning" (Vis Naidoo) discusses innovative learning venues and forces driving and constraining their development.
Particularly since such regulatory approaches as hospital rate-setting, (2) price controls, (3) and certificate-of-need legislation (4) had proven to be dismal failures in constraining the rise of health costs.
As scientists move outside their original scientific communities, social pressures are less constraining. This leaves scientists more open to conversion.
Banks' own desire to rebuild a strong capital base has played an important role in constraining the supply of bank loans.
The ultra-thin materials are made by constraining viscoelastic pressure sensitive adhesives between metal foils.
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