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constrain (one) from (doing something)

To prevent or hinder one from doing something. For years, stage fright constrained me from singing in public.
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constrain someone from doing something

to prevent someone from doing something; to hold someone back from doing something. I hope this doesn't constrain you from trying out for the play. His handicap did not constrain him from finishing the race.
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Concepts are the semantic nodes that allow to articulate reflections and discourses about history: they are at once enablers, constrainers, stabilizer and transformers of a field of historical ideas (KOSELLECK 2012, p.
"I don't think it's something that has ever been done, and I see shipping constrainers as very interesting objects now.
Rajao and Hayes (2009) point out that IT artifacts are understood as both enablers and constrainers of institutional change, drawing on the example of Fountain's (2001, 2006) study of e-government.
* The "constrainers"--conscientiousness and integrity, and emotional resilience.
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