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constrain (one) from (doing something)

To prevent or hinder one from doing something. For years, stage fright constrained me from singing in public.
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constrain someone from doing something

to prevent someone from doing something; to hold someone back from doing something. I hope this doesn't constrain you from trying out for the play. His handicap did not constrain him from finishing the race.
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(all of them laugh, the husband a little constrainedly, the wife pregnantly and the therapist relieved and satisfied).
The new levels can aggregate with each other as building blocks and then constrainedly generate new patterns, that is a higher level new system with its new properties, and thus emerge from one level to another, not only producing hierarchical systems but also manifesting evolutionary emergent novelty: endless new things and new organizations (Holland, 1998).
So the Gurungs constrainedly adapted some Hindu manners and customs to gain the favour of the Hindu rulers because comparatively they had no ability to face the rising power.
-- plague him with another kind of awkwardness: "I went circuitously to Miss Havisham's by all the back ways, and rang at the bell constrainedly, on account of the stiff long fingers of my gloves" (183).
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