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constrain (one) from (doing something)

To prevent or hinder one from doing something. For years, stage fright constrained me from singing in public.
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constrain someone from doing something

to prevent someone from doing something; to hold someone back from doing something. I hope this doesn't constrain you from trying out for the play. His handicap did not constrain him from finishing the race.
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EDBI's Long and Short-Term FCRs remain constrained by Iran's sovereign FCRs.
The report concludes that, in order to comply with the Climate Change Act, the only options are to manage future demand by increasing the cost of carbon, which would see fares soar, or constrain capacity at airports by ruling out any new runways.
In the second report, the RSPB argues that the Airport Commission's recommendation that the southeast can have one new runway and still be compliant with the UK Climate Change Act assumes that aviation emissions will be constrained by regulatory measures.
Next, we need to state interference constrain. Instantaneous interference constrain [e.sub.i,j] (t) for any two different cognitive nodes i and j at t can be expressed as
Key words: Constrained curve, positivity, least-square fit, interpolant, Shepard curve
For example, you could now select both AB and AC and from the Measurement Bar and constrain the angle BAC to 45[degrees].
communities with the most constrained evacuation routes are:
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 7, 2019--Romanian central banker says policy could be constrained by bank tax
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 7, 2019--Romanian central banker says policy could be constrained by bank tax
He argued that operationally there was 7,000 Megawatts of electricity ready for deployment, but still constrained at the distribution end.
A CONSTRAINED SUPPLY chain represents a challenge to Lean manufacturing processes, but in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) market, the bigger challenge is often OEM misperceptions about strategies to address this.
Suncor Energy said its growth plan is not constrained by pipeline bottlenecks and it does not anticipate making any further big investments in Canada's oil sands until market access is better, Reuters reports.
This report describes the creation of a "constrained" shunt, using concentric deployment of an outer balloon-expandable stainless steel stent around the VIATORR endograft.
People self-optimize walking when selecting preferred gaits and walking speeds (Minetti and Alexander, 1997; Ralston, 1958; Saibene and Minetti, 2003; Waters and Mulroy; 1999) even when walking parameters are artificially constrained (Betram, 2005; Donelan et al., 2001; Holt et al., 1991; Minetti et al., 1995).