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constrain (one) from (doing something)

To prevent or hinder one from doing something. For years, stage fright constrained me from singing in public.
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constrain someone from doing something

to prevent someone from doing something; to hold someone back from doing something. I hope this doesn't constrain you from trying out for the play. His handicap did not constrain him from finishing the race.
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The economic and technical pressures that constrain this housing are fierce, but we believe these fresh ideas can help open a new realm of possibility for First Step housing.
6) Instead of looking at states or the decision-making elite, this article looks into states, particularly at the domestic factors and political dynamics that constrain and determine foreign policy behavior, and consequently, at the instrumental use of foreign policy for purposes of regime legitimacy and consolidation.
One way to understand how the organizational context affects the success of the disability management program is to assess aspects of the organization that promote or constrain program activity.