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conspire against (something or someone)

To join together in force or combine in such a way as to foil or defeat someone or something. The wind and rain conspired against our plans for an outdoor barbecue. His two younger brothers conspired against him to have him removed from the head of the company.
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conspire with (one)

To plot or scheme with one. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be conspiring with each other! The president of the company conspired with his assistant to conceal all evidence of his crime.
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conspire with someone (against someone or something)

 and conspire (with someone) against someone or something
to join with someone in a plot against someone or something else. The CEO conspired with the board of directors against the stockholders. Ed conspired with Sam against the plan.
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Samantha Louise Fletcher, 46, of Maes Refail, Henryd, Conwy; Abbie Elizabeth Roberts, 25, of Cornist Lane, Flint; and Helen Massey, 45, of Cornwall Road, Shotton, admitted a charge of conspiring to supply anabolic steroids between May 1, 2013 and December 2, 2016.
Kelly Burch, 38, of Moss Road, Cadishead, appeared charged with two counts of keeping the same brothels between December 2012 and November 2016, plus one offence of conspiring with others to carry out money laundering between 2012 and 2016.
Tuan Van Doan, 32, of St Fagans Street, Caerphilly, charged with four counts of conspiring to produce cannabis, two counts of conspiring to supply a Class B drug, possession of a Class B drug and possession of a Class B drug with the intent to supply.
Satoru Miyashita, an executive of Company C, who is charged with conspiring from in or about January 2003 until in or about September 2012;
McQuade and Mains deny conspiring to supply amphetamine, a Class B drug.
Shazia Ahmed, 38, of Lennard Street, Newport, found guilty of conspiring to supply heroin after trial, was jailed for 10 years.
Nathan McGrail, 25, of Whinchat Avenue, Newton, is charged with conspiring to transfer criminal property.
Abduljalil Radhi Mansour - Violation of the constitution, conspiring to overthrow the government, espionage and other charges.
3- Mohamed Habeeb Al Saffaf (alias "Almoqdad") -- life sentence upheld for violation of the Constitution, and conspiring to overthrow the government.
A DEESIDE man who had previously admitted conspiring to import heroin into the UK, yesterday also admitted conspiracy to launder money.
Summary: Two men have been convicted of conspiring to assault Celtic manager Neil Lennon and other high profile supporters of the club.
A MAN has appeared in court charged with drugs possession and conspiring to supply them.
According to details the participants of the rally said that few elements were conspiring against PPP because they could not see flourishing the democracy in the country.
THREE men have appeared in court accused of conspiring to defraud prospective investors in horseracing tipster schemes, writes Graham Green.
THREE men accused of plotting a series of suicide attacks on transatlantic jets pleaded guilty today to conspiring to cause explosions.