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conspicuous consumption

The lavish expenditure of money or acquisition of expensive items as a public display of one's wealth or financial success. In rapidly developing economies, conspicuous consumption becomes more and more prevalent as a means for those who have done well to flaunt their new economic status.
See also: conspicuous

be conspicuous by (one's) absence

To be noticeably missing from something. You're the loudest one in the class, so of course you're conspicuous by your absence!
See also: absence, by, conspicuous

conspicuous by (one's) absence

Noticeably missing from something. You're the loudest one in the class, so of course you're conspicuous by your absence!
See also: absence, by, conspicuous

*conspicuous by one's absence

Cliché noticeably absent (from an event). (*Typically: be ~; made ~.) How could the bride's father miss the wedding? He was certainly conspicuous by his absence.
See also: absence, by, conspicuous

make oneself conspicuous

to attract attention to oneself. Please don't make yourself conspicuous. It embarrasses me. Ann makes herself conspicuous by wearing brightly colored clothing.
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conspicuous by its absence

Also, conspicuous by one's absence. Glaringly obvious by the fact of not being there. For example, One agenda item concerning publicity is conspicuous by its absence, or The bride's father was conspicuous by his absence. The idea is ancient; it was expressed by the Roman writer Tacitus, concerning the absence of Junia's brother and husband at her funeral procession. [Mid-1800s]
See also: absence, by, conspicuous

conspicuous by your/its absence

If someone or something is conspicuous by their absence, people notice that they are not there. He played no part in the game and was conspicuous by his absence at the post-match celebrations. Mathematics and science were conspicuous by their absence at the university.
See also: absence, by, conspicuous

conspicuous by your absence

obviously not present in a place where you should be.
This phrase was coined by Lord John Russell in a speech made in 1859 . He acknowledged as his source for the idea a passage in Tacitus describing a procession of images at a funeral: the fact that those of Cassius and Brutus were absent attracted a great deal of attention.
See also: absence, by, conspicuous

conˌspicuous by your ˈabsence

not present in a situation or place, when it is obvious that you should be there: When it came to cleaning up afterwards, Anne was conspicuous by her absence.
See also: absence, by, conspicuous

conspicuous by its absence

Very obvious through nonattendance. This oxymoron, which goes back to ancient Rome, applies to people or objects that attracted attention because they were expected to be present but weren't. An example would be a close relative who either wasn't invited or chose not to attend a family function. Some literary commentators contend that the phrase has become a cliché, but it's now used so rarely, you may—although at your peril—claim its wit to be your own.
See also: absence, by, conspicuous
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Finally, the order requires Cowboy Toyota to comply with the CLA and its implementing Regulation M by prohibiting deceptive lease advertisements and requiring that all ads clearly and conspicuously disclose a range of facts, including that the advertised deal is a lease, the total amount due on delivery, the number and timing of scheduled payments, and whether or not a security deposit is required.
c) In the case of any seed or seed stock, on the seed or seed stock container, sales receipt or any other reference to identification, ownership, or possession, with the words 'genetically engineered' or 'produced with genetic engineering' stated clearly and conspicuously.
URDD President Gavin Ashcroft has been conspicuously absent from many meetings at the Eisteddfod this week.
The crook, dressed conspicuously in a motorcycle helmet and bright green jacket, was caught on CCTV at Nunthorpe Secondary School in Guisborough Road at 1.
The research added that they have no words for numbers, virtually no perception of time and conspicuously fail to worry about the future.
The Swedes and the Finns gelled too - something the North American sides conspicuously failed to do.
Despite the ingenious set by Riccardo Hernandez and the magnificently Goyaesque costumes by Donna Zakowksa, this quiet riot of whores, peasants--including the obligatory hunchback--and nobles added up to infinitely less than yon could get from looking at Goya's own etchings and using that quality which here Clarke, normally a fascinating woman of the theater, so conspicuously lacked--imagination.
Also featured were three minutely detailed pencil drawings in a rather anonymous though conspicuously skillful illustrational style.
Accountability--of states to their citizens, of states to one another, of international institutions to their members, and of this present generation to future ones--is essential for our success," insists Annan, who has conspicuously avoided taking responsibility for any of the scandals and disasters he has wrought.
She said she wasn't sure this explained everything, but that when she was growing up, the majority of women, if not downright flat-chested, were not conspicuously well-endowed.
At the same time the diary records Lachlan's attempts to cope with normal life in the months following his wife's conviction--the mothers at his daughter's day care center conspicuously friendly, an "elderly triumvirate" of relatives making a show of their support by coming to stay with him--uninvited, unwelcome, and ultimately unhelpful.
Using finite element stress analysis, they determined that the best way to increase body rigidity and thereby enhance handling is to provide an upper load path for the rear of the vehicle--something that is conspicuously missing on conventional pickups.
Whatever his many critics say, Robbie Savage's retirement is a massive blow for the Dragons,leaving the midfield conspicuously weak.
To this end, he conspicuously omits from his exhaustive list of present-day evils the primary evils of contraception, abortion, homosexuality, and euthanasia--evils which our present day culture openly challenges the Church to accept.
Conspicuously absent, however, are data showing that marijuana, one of the most widely used illicit drugs, causes mental or behavioral problems in teenagers and young adults, a new report concludes.