conspicuous by (one's) absence

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conspicuous by (one's) absence

Noticeably missing from something. You're the loudest one in the class, so of course you're conspicuous by your absence!
See also: absence, conspicuous

*conspicuous by one's absence

Cliché noticeably absent (from an event). (*Typically: be ~; made ~.) How could the bride's father miss the wedding? He was certainly conspicuous by his absence.
See also: absence, conspicuous

conspicuous by your/its absence

If someone or something is conspicuous by their absence, people notice that they are not there. He played no part in the game and was conspicuous by his absence at the post-match celebrations. Mathematics and science were conspicuous by their absence at the university.
See also: absence, conspicuous

conspicuous by your absence

obviously not present in a place where you should be.
This phrase was coined by Lord John Russell in a speech made in 1859 . He acknowledged as his source for the idea a passage in Tacitus describing a procession of images at a funeral: the fact that those of Cassius and Brutus were absent attracted a great deal of attention.
See also: absence, conspicuous

conˌspicuous by your ˈabsence

not present in a situation or place, when it is obvious that you should be there: When it came to cleaning up afterwards, Anne was conspicuous by her absence.
See also: absence, conspicuous
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Leading buyers remained conspicuous by their absence whereas small spinners did not take interest as they had already replenished their stocks.
Saints wasted a hatful of chances in labouring to a goalless draw with Swansea on the south coast, where Virgil van Dijk and Gylfi Sigurdsson were conspicuous by their absence.
Conspicuous by their absence from what was a major city event were Coun Ann Lucas, Coun Kevin Maton and all the other councillors on a mission to turn Coventry into a sport-free zone by scrapping the West Midlands' only 50m pool.
44 times, although foreign buyers were conspicuous by their absence.
They recognise Rupert's financial contribution and know how important he is to the Tour, so it's disappointing some of our top homegrown players are conspicuous by their absence.
According to The Independent, the BBC Match of the Day broadcaster complained that Man U were conspicuous by their absence from women's football since 2005, despite the major commitment to the fame game made by some of the Old Trafford club's biggest Premier League rivals.
While there's been plenty of action on the field, scandals have been conspicuous by their absence in IPL 6.
Conspicuous by their absence were visible minority women ordinands to the priesthood In the Anglican Church of Canada.
Mackem fans are often conspicuous by their absence, it is one thing they are famous for
Vale's defenders were conspicuous by their absence and further anxious moments followed as the visitors sensed the game was there for the taking.
Perhaps partly as a result of that, big-name handlers are conspicuous by their absence and canine quality is somewhat thin on the ground as well, although Colin Redden's ANFI GEM adds a touch of class to proceedings when he goes in the 10.
Conspicuous by their absence was a quartet of players who worked under Robinson at Edinburgh prior to his appointment as Scotland head coach last summer.
The chaos in the kitchen certainly isn't caused by an over-supply of customers who are conspicuous by their absence.
When we faced the barrage of negativity last year, some of these people were conspicuous by their absence.
But Black Sabbath songs were conspicuous by their absence.