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consort with (one)

1. To spend time with one. I'm nervous about Jill consorting with those known troublemakers all of a sudden. Who are you consorting with these days?
2. euphemism To have sex with one. My roommate hasn't been home any night this week—I wonder who he's consorting with.
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consort with someone

1. to associate with someone. It is said that she consorts with thieves. No one worth anything would consort with Max.
2. Euph. to have sex with someone. Over the years it is rumored that she consorted with numerous young men.
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It might take years before it actually happens, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will someday become the king and queen consort in the U.K.
According to Frederica Miller, a journalist for ( Express , there are two types of queens, the queen regent and queen consort. Queen Elizabeth II is a queen regent, and she is the monarch in her own right because she inherited the throne upon the death of the previous monarch.
The chapters "the Aristocratic Child" and "the Girls" are predominantly on imperial offspring and consorts, due to the availability of sources in the dynastic history.
The 57-year-old widow reckons she might have a shortlist of up to eight volunteers willing to act as her consort - including fellow councillors, her daughters - and even two of her grandsons.
He was only 50 and he would have been my consort. I've got three daughters - Sarah, Corrina and Leanne - and eight grandchildren.
Does the consort have a parallel set of rooms and public spaces?
Payne edits and presents Ward's music admirably, despite the daunting number of contemporary manuscripts that preserve Ward's five- and six-piece consorts. He continues Musica Britannica's policy of choosing a single exemplar for each consort, in this case drawn from Nicholas le Strange's manuscripts, rather than creating a synthetic collation from all of the available manuscripts.
His music displays a quirky originality, however, that compares well to the works of Ward, though without the madrigal influence so apparent in Ward's consorts. Cranford fully exploits the tonal and structural possibilities of the contemporary fantasia: the five-part first fantasia includes considerable linear chromaticism and also employs a complex and oblique harmonic structure, beginning in G minor, shifting briefly to G major, and eventually closing in D minor.
While it is true that before Purcell the final flowering of creative writing for viol consort came in the 1650s--headed by Locke's `magnifik' Consort of Fower Parts--there is abundant evidence of lively pockets of consort playing up to an beyond the date of Purcell's compositions.
Thurston Dart's argument that Purcell intended his fantazias for a mixed consort of violins and viols may have been influenced by the shortage of dexterous treble players in the 1960s: and for many years London Baroque's accomplished recording of 1984 (EMI CDM7 63066 2), using two violins alongside tenor and bass viols, has been the best available.
Nor is there any attempt to cover the whole of Lawes's output of instrumental music (as a careless reading of the title might lead one to expect)merely the early three- and four-part 'aires', the 'Royall Consort' and the 'Consort Setts', which Murray Lefkowitz covered in two chapters (out of ten) of his William Lawes (1960).
Junor also said that even though Bowles has not publicly stated that she wants to be known as Queen Consort, all her closest friends and family know that the official royal title is something that she's always desired.
HIS pithy comments on cultural differences may have caused near international incidents across the globe, but the Duke of Edinburgh has remained steadfastly at his wife's side as consort for more than half a century.
Interspersed among these viol consorts are groups of pieces for solo lyra viol by Lawes, played in masterly fashion by Richard Boothby.
We end on more familiar territory with the Orlando Consort's Passion (Metronome MET CD 1015, rec 1995).
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