consort with

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consort with (one)

1. To spend time with one. I'm nervous about Jill consorting with those known troublemakers all of a sudden. Who are you consorting with these days?
2. euphemism To have sexual intercourse with one. My roommate hasn't been home any night this week—I wonder who he's consorting with.
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consort with someone

1. to associate with someone. It is said that she consorts with thieves. No one worth anything would consort with Max.
2. Euph. to have sex with someone. Over the years it is rumored that she consorted with numerous young men.
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References in classic literature ?
A man of honour and self-respect such as I am finds it painful and grievous to have to consort with men who would deprive him of both.
Markham, that my daughters - shall - not - consort with her.
And of individuals who consort with the mob and seek to please them?
You are not one of the vulgar herd who love to consort with pleasure and happiness.
I am a lover of peace, Sir Knight, and do not consort with Robin's bold fellows.
What strange manner of man are you, that you consort with the green men, though your form is that of my race, while your color is little darker than that of the white ape?
Pictured above are the Mayor and her consort with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, in Greenwich.