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consort with (one)

1. To spend time with one. I'm nervous about Jill consorting with those known troublemakers all of a sudden. Who are you consorting with these days?
2. euphemism To have sex with one. My roommate hasn't been home any night this week—I wonder who he's consorting with.
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consort with someone

1. to associate with someone. It is said that she consorts with thieves. No one worth anything would consort with Max.
2. Euph. to have sex with someone. Over the years it is rumored that she consorted with numerous young men.
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"But if Sir Michael runs a horse in a race like that, he doesn't do it to make up the numbers." WILLIAM HILL ODDS 4-7 Gleneagles, 4 Make Believe, 6 Territories, 8 Consort, 14 bar.
Led by partner Graham Elsworth and director Dougal Baxter, BDO provided financial due diligence to Rethink on the acquisition of Consort and to BGF on its investment in Rethink.
The device will be manufactured in the Consort Medical company Bespak's existing IDC facility at King's Lynn.
Consort Medical is an international healthcare company, focused primarily on developing and manufacturing disposable medical devices for drug delivery.
Jon Glenn, Consort Medical's chief executive officer said, "We are excited by the acquisition of Aesica which represents a very strong fit with our existing strategy of diversifying into adjacent markets and technologies to capture additional value in the drug/ device supply chain.
Under the new arrangements, Aesica will be managed as a separate division within the Consort Group, while Dr Hardy will join the Consort Executive Committee.
CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials)statement provides a framework of essential elements for reporting of RCT.1 Recent reviews assessing quality of reporting of RCTs have suggested that although CONSORT statement has improved reporting consistency not all published papers adhere to reporting standards and completeness of reporting is suboptimal.2-6
In an effort to improve the detail and clarity of abstracts, the CONsolidated Standards Of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) group published an extension to their 2001 guidelines [9] for reporting RCTs that specifically addressed the reporting of journal and conference abstracts.
The Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) Statement--and its extensions--are the preeminent guidelines for reporting RCTs; they are based on empirical evidence and expert consensus about biases related to validity (Schulz, Altman, Moher, for the CONSORT Group, 2010).
Prof John Bryan is a member of the renowned Rose Consort of Viols and they will play the opening concert in the new Huddersfield Music Society season which begins on Monday evening (October 7).
May I take this opportunity to thank the wonderful and dignified people of Liverpool for welcoming me and my consort, my son Harry Drew, at each engagement.
Ben Walker, 12, has for the past year been accompanying the chairman of Hambleton Council, Bridget Fortune, as her official junior consort.
It was understood that PFI provider Consort was to carry out planned maintenance work on the emergency power supply after surgery was finished, but switched off the power too early.