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consort with (one)

1. To spend time with one. I'm nervous about Jill consorting with those known troublemakers all of a sudden. Who are you consorting with these days?
2. euphemism To have sexual intercourse with one. My roommate hasn't been home any night this week—I wonder who he's consorting with.
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consort with someone

1. to associate with someone. It is said that she consorts with thieves. No one worth anything would consort with Max.
2. Euph. to have sex with someone. Over the years it is rumored that she consorted with numerous young men.
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Through the use of Sales Simplicity, The Jones Company of Tennessee and Consort Homes will access the most-award-winning sales automation / CRM system in North America.
From left: Chair-|man Roger Parnell, Clr Smith, club member Stewart Gledhill, the mayor's consort Christine Smith, club President Trevor Spencer and club member David Whitworth
Tenor Russell Watson is working with Midland music charity Armonico Consort
I would also like to thank my son and consort, my sister Sheila and my dear mum Marie, and all my friends who have supported me through an amazing year.
Bringing the business into the Group as part of its current growth strategy, Consort has worked with JP Banking Solutions in recent months and bought the specialist banking company.
From Monday, lane closures will take place on Durham Road, Prince Consort Road and Dryden Road.
I am proud and privileged to have been the First Citizen of Birmingham and the Lord Mayor's Consort and I are grateful to everyone who has supported us and make this a year neither of us or our family will ever forget.
NHS Lothian chief operating officer Jackie Sansbury said: "NHS Lothian's PFI provider, Consort, did not meet the performance requirements for December, as laid down in our contract.
It is also time now to resolve the difference in the naming of royal consorts by either adopting the title Princess to accompany the reigning King in line with the present arrangement, namely, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip or give any future male consort to a reigning Queen the title of King, preferably the latter.
London, Nov 10 (ANI): Camilla has revealed that she does not want to be the Queen but rather prefers to be simply known as Princess Consort, once her husband Prince Charles becomes the King.
They featured alongside some of the country's leading Asian musicians and the classical vocal ensemble the Orlando Consort, while the school orchestra was given the opportunity to play alongside the Northern Sinfonia.
Loades begins with Catherine de Valois, consort of Henry V and, through her second marriage, grandmother of Henry VII.
On Friday, August 14, The Garden Consort will perform a selection of vocal gems from across the musical spectrum, including pieces by Puccini, Mozart, Verdi, Strauss, Bernstein, and Hammerstein.
Summary: The Duke of Edinburgh is set to become the longest-serving consort in British history.
THE Duke of Edinburgh today reaches a historic milestone, becoming the longest-serving consort in British history.