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consort with (one)

1. To spend time with one. I'm nervous about Jill consorting with those known troublemakers all of a sudden. Who are you consorting with these days?
2. euphemism To have sexual intercourse with one. My roommate hasn't been home any night this week—I wonder who he's consorting with.
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consort with someone

1. to associate with someone. It is said that she consorts with thieves. No one worth anything would consort with Max.
2. Euph. to have sex with someone. Over the years it is rumored that she consorted with numerous young men.
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The CONSORT statement: revised 6 recommendations for improving the quality of reports of parallel-group randomised trials.
We continue to see many exciting opportunities in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing sector and we look forward to pursuing these under the ownership of Consort Medical pic.
The CONSORT statement recommends a figure presenting the flow of participants.
In the past 18 months 3,000 heaters have been sold to China and Consort is currently developing products for this market.
The publication date range of January 1, 2009, to December 31, 2011, allowed comparison between three years of abstracts and ensured sufficient time for authors and editors to incorporate the recommendations into practice following the publication of the CONSORT abstract recommendations in January 2008.
Similar to the CONSORT extension for abstracts, another priority for STARD is extending it to provide guidelines for the reporting of abstracts of test-accuracy studies (10).
Finally, I would like to say good luck to Cllr Gary Millar and his consort, Steve Macfarlane.
AWARD: Junior consort and Stokesley School student Ben Walker, 12, with Councillor Bridget Fortune, chairman of Hambleton Council, whom he accompanied to civic events
Councillor Andrew Morgan said Consort Street was just one of more than 370 roads to either be resurfaced, renewed or surface dressed since April 2011.
The Lord Mayor's Consort and I have been delighted to represent Birmingham and welcome thousands of visitors to our great city.
Consort - who run non-clinical services at the hospital - are expected to be fined around pounds 100,000 for the failure, which took place in high winds on December 8.
NHS Lothian asked Consort Healthcare to carry out background checks on a member of staff at Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary.
However, the songs will be reinvented with the assistance of the 22-piece Orchestra of the Swan and 16-strong Manchester Consort choir, conducted by Joe Duddell.
The author takes her title from Shakespeare's description of Margaret of Anjou, consort of Henry VI.