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console (one) on (something)

To comfort or soothe one about a distressing topic or occurrence. I think you'll have a hard time consoling her on that lost account, considering all the hard work she put into it. I'm trying to console my daughter on the loss of her beloved teddy bear, but nothing I've said has helped thus far.
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console (someone or oneself) with (something)

To comfort or soothe someone with a particular thing or method. After my daughter lost her beloved teddy bear, I tried to console her with other toys, but nothing has helped thus far. It's not the healthiest idea to console yourself with sweets.
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console someone on something

to comfort someone about something. I want to console you on your recent loss. They consoled Fred on the continuing difficulties he was having.
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console someone with something

to use something to comfort someone. We consoled her with a sympathy card and flowers. He sat down and consoled himself with a beer or two.
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It isn't the first time we will see a game launch cross-gen, taking advantage of the new hardware powering the new console. We have seen games like Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Metal Gear Solid V, GTA V, Thief and many more launch on the Xbox 360, PS3 and the Xbox One and PS4.
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The incremental updates supposedly planned for the game console involve swapping out the 720p resolution LCD screen with a more power-efficient OLED display similar to the screens on Samsung smartphones and the latest iPhone models.
This change reflects a broader conversation in the industry about the future or even death of the console as we know it -- away from the powerful box in our living room toward a more mobile world where even technologically demanding games can be played on any screen that has an internet connection.
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"Al Jazeera Balkans started in November 2011 with one studio and one stand-alone digital audio console. When we decided to expand our facility, we chose Calrec because they offer very powerful, rock-solid consoles built with broadcasters in mind.
Affordability remains a key aspect of Nintendo, and the company is focusing on manufacturing low-cost consoles to expand in developing economies.
that it expects eighth-generation consoles to generate 10% less retail revenue
Many are claiming that this will be the last generation for consoles, as cloud computing and network technologies have shown that they could make console hardware obsolete.
The Wii disrupted the world of consoles on its launch, with its emphasis on family-orientated gaming that made use of wireless controllers fitted with accelerometers.
Kinect motion and sound sensing accessories that will come with consoles will recognize users and respond instantly to commands spoken in more natural language, according to Microsoft executives.