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console (one) on (something)

To comfort or soothe one about a distressing topic or occurrence. I think you'll have a hard time consoling her on that lost account, considering all the hard work she put into it. I'm trying to console my daughter on the loss of her beloved teddy bear, but nothing I've said has helped thus far.
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console (someone or oneself) with (something)

To comfort or soothe someone with a particular thing or method. After my daughter lost her beloved teddy bear, I tried to console her with other toys, but nothing has helped thus far. It's not the healthiest idea to console yourself with sweets.
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console someone on something

to comfort someone about something. I want to console you on your recent loss. They consoled Fred on the continuing difficulties he was having.
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console someone with something

to use something to comfort someone. We consoled her with a sympathy card and flowers. He sat down and consoled himself with a beer or two.
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place sur l'Olympe ardu de la spiritualite, autour de lui, les Muses de Raphael ou de Mantegna, pour le consoler de ses longs jeunes et de ses prieres assidues, combinent les danses les plus nobles, le regardent avec leurs plus doux yeux et leurs sourires les plus eclatants; le divin Apollon, ce maitre en tout savoir [.
9) D'Annunzio has responded to this remark by inserting his own choral element into the action proper of the drama, effectively infusing all the choral roles Anna plays, from that of consoler and sympathizer, to adviser, to manipulator of the narrative thread, into the events of the drama.
Il est vain de chercher a s'en consoler en considerant que les ecritures du bas Moyen Age sont infiniment plus variees.
a se consoler avec les moralistes', sets out to provide an account of how La Bruyere affords 'une doctrine compelte de l'homme, de Dieu et de la destinee terrestre'.
Les adultes doivent alors mimer l'etonnement ou bien avouer que, n'etant pas les destinataires elus du Pere Noel, ils recourent a cet echange pour << se consoler >>.
II faut sans doute donner une connotation sexuelle a la trique (xylon) du tres vert fragment 8 (23) et, dans le suivant, Heracles se propose tout simplement de consoler, sur l'oreiller, Xenodike qui vient de perdre son pere et ses biens.
Comment consoler ces gens, qui on assiste a ce que l'humanite a de pire?
MEGEN a cree des liens avec d'autres organisations afin de consoler, de donner l'abri et de rassembler l'assistance juridique.
Table, you who always waited for me, where everything is (has always been) laid out for me to write, table laid out for me, faithful consoler,
As the implied comforter in the poem offers religious solace, the mother spars verbally with her consoler.
In another chapter he caricatures Hauerwas as little more than a consoler of liberals and at home among the same.
l l l l l l THE funeral of ownerbreeder Jane Turner will be held at Christ the Consoler Church, Newby Park, Ripon tomorrow at 2pm.
En este plano, parece no haber discusion en admitir que el lenguaje no es exclusivamente un instrumento 'ingenuo' a traves del cual un emisor y un receptor comparten una determinada informacion: "On parle generalement --remarque banale-- pour exercer une influence: consoler, persuader, convaincre, faire agir, ennuyer ou embarrasser / .
The Second Consoler admonishes them, urging them to proceed with the burial: 'holde zour pes / All zour wepynge may not amende itt / of 1our sorwynge ber fore now ses / And helpe he were buryed in a cley pitt' (137-40).
I encourage my listeners to establish and cultivate an open line of communication to God, their creator, redeemer and great consoler.