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console (one) on (something)

To comfort or soothe one about a distressing topic or occurrence. I think you'll have a hard time consoling her on that lost account, considering all the hard work she put into it. I'm trying to console my daughter on the loss of her beloved teddy bear, but nothing I've said has helped thus far.
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console (someone or oneself) with (something)

To comfort or soothe someone with a particular thing or method. After my daughter lost her beloved teddy bear, I tried to console her with other toys, but nothing has helped thus far. It's not the healthiest idea to console yourself with sweets.
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console someone on something

to comfort someone about something. I want to console you on your recent loss. They consoled Fred on the continuing difficulties he was having.
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console someone with something

to use something to comfort someone. We consoled her with a sympathy card and flowers. He sat down and consoled himself with a beer or two.
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The USB Console Extender CE750 allows access to a computer or USB KVM from a remote console from up to 650ft away with a CAT5 cable at video resolutions up to 1600 x 1200.
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