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consist in (something)

To have something be the sole, primary, or most important element or aspect. Diplomacy consists in open, thoughtful communication, not tearing down others with whom one disagrees. Being a good parent consists in doing what most benefits your child—whether they are happy with that or not.
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consist of (something)

To be made up of (something). Your grade consists of several factors, such as homework, projects, and test scores.
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consist of someone or something

to include people or things; to be made up of people or things. This bread consists of flour, water, sugar, oil, and yeast. The U.S. Senate consists of two elected officials from each state.
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consist of

To have something as components; be made up of something: The English test consisted of four essays.
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More particularly, this invention relates to the identification of nucleic acid molecules encoding a peptide consisting of a motif characteristic of the protein signatures, and to the peptides consisting of these motifs and more specifically SEQ ID NOS: 1-4.
The copolyester consists of repeat units of one or more aliphatic dicarboxylic acids, one or more aromatic dicarboxylic acids selected from the group consisting of terephthaliic acid, isophthalic acid and phthalic acid, and a stoichiometric amount of a glycol component consisting of one or more glycols selected from the group consisting of aliphatic glycols and cycloaliphatic glycols.
Chairman of Shira, Mr Muhammad Saqer, extended his profound gratitude for all attendants and emphasized the importance of The Village project in creating new job opportunities that would contribute to uplifting the welfare of all Jordanians.CEO of Shira, Mr Alaa' Halawa, listed a number of projects that are still in the planning stage such as Oak Hills, under construction, covering a total area of 26 dunums and consisting of 22 luxurious villas; Ras al-Jundi covering a toatal area of 26 dunums and consisting of 30 luxurious villas in Dabouk; al-Kursi consisting of 240 apartments and serviced by a full set of entertainment areas, green areas, health club, parking areas, offices and commercial stores.