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consist in (something)

To have something be the sole, primary, or most important element or aspect. Diplomacy consists in open, thoughtful communication, not tearing down others with whom one disagrees. Being a good parent consists in doing what most benefits your child—whether they are happy with that or not.
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consist of (something)

To be made up of (something). Your grade consists of several factors, such as homework, projects, and test scores.
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consist of someone or something

to include people or things; to be made up of people or things. This bread consists of flour, water, sugar, oil, and yeast. The U.S. Senate consists of two elected officials from each state.
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consist of

To have something as components; be made up of something: The English test consisted of four essays.
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[5] In our two cases, the first tumor was made up of a combination of spindle-shaped and plasmacytoid cells, and the second tumor consisted entirely of spindle-shaped cells.
1.1368-1(g)(2)(i) to treat its tax year as if it consisted of separate tax years, the first of which ends at the close of business on July 1, 1994, the date of the qualifying disposition.
The camp program consisted of three sequential 10-day sessions run on separate samples of children drawn from the same referral population.
The equipment used consisted of a low speed, rotating two bar mixing blade.
The Next Century Portfolio consisted of 88 residential units at 272 Lincoln Place, 290 Lincoln Place, 403 Saint Johns Place and 2709 Clarendon Road.
The course consisted of reading papers and short chapters of a textbook to provide background information on the subject.
Students that had previously taken the course described it as "really interesting." It was later explained that "really interesting" was actually a euphemism for "really easy." This course also consisted of reading papers and a textbook in preparation for a class discussion.
A "pendulum," which consisted of a long, oscillating metal bar, was suspended from the gallery ceiling so that it almost reached the ground; the movement of the bar generated an ellipse of light on the floor.
These works consisted of three elements: the tangible materials; the laser beam, at once material and immaterial; and finally an unspecified but inescapable element - time.
Section A consisted of task types such as multiple choice cloze and grammar cloze.
The sample consisted of a total of 623 middle (183) and high school (429)students from various districts in the region.
The first section of the survey consisted of 12 items related to the frequency of various activities in mathematics classes.