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consist of (something)

To be made up of (something). Your grade consists of several factors, such as homework, projects, and test scores.
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consist of someone or something

to include people or things; to be made up of people or things. This bread consists of flour, water, sugar, oil, and yeast. The U.S. Senate consists of two elected officials from each state.
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consist of

To have something as components; be made up of something: The English test consisted of four essays.
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The primary steel structure consists of 34 arches with a protective oversailing canopy grafted on to the structural steelwork.
It consists of 2700 Naco mechanisms which, disposed over the whole length of the building, operate 18 000 adjustable glass blades.
Kortan and his colleagues propose a tiling model for this allowy in which each layer consists of a framework of pentagonal rings made up largely of aluminum atoms, with either cobalt or copper atoms at the center of each ring.
The property consists of seven one-story apartment buildings, four two-story apartment buildings, one single story leasing-office building and a clubhouse.
The Mooney Award consists of $3,000, a plaque and lifetime membership to the Rubber Division, plus $500 for travel expenses incurred to attend the awards ceremony.
The property consists of four contiguous parcels and buyers may bid on one or a combination of all parcels.