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consign (something) to (someone or something)

1. To give or assign something to a someone or something. Who is the most responsible employee I can consign this project to?
2. To mark something to be sent to a particular destination. Consign these packages to the Savannah office, please.
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consign something to someone or something

1. to entrust something to someone, something, or some place. We consigned all the toughest assignments to our top employees. What shipping company should we consign these boxes to?
2. to assign something for shipment to a place. Bill consigned this batch to Denver.
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(137) Recall the In re Morgansen's case, in which the court rejected the generally known claim of the consignor when consigned goods were commingled with nonconsigned goods.
2) Unloading incoming goods is carried out when the goods from the consignor manufacturing plant arrive at the third-party logistics company's warehouse.
We can merely refer these inquires to the consignors and it is entirely up to them if they want to be identified or not," he said.
The terms of a consignment arrangement are frequently governed by a written agreement between the consignor and consignee, The agreement should contain all of the necessary terms and conditions to protect a consignor's interest in its consigned goods.
Payout Note/Warning: Feature to display the account's "General Notes" text when you perform Settlements, Quick Cash, or when consignor uses their banked funds for in-store purchases.
In the current regulation there is a situation, considered exception to the rule, where, if he expressly assumes, the consignor is required to perform himself the transport of goods subject to the shipping contract.
In order to have the right to bring suit under the Montreal Convention, a plaintiff according to this court, must be listed on the AWB as the consignor or the consignee of a shipment.
A consignor must do more than merely file a UCC financing statement to obtain a superior interest in its consigned goods.
By law, for-hire transportation cannot take place without a signed bill of lading between the consignor and the carrier.
In case of movement of goods on account of job-work, the council directed that the registered job worker can also generate the e-way bill, while the consignor can authorise the transporter, courier agency and e-commerce operator to fill PART-A of the e-way bill on his behalf.
Keywords: movable property, consignor, consignee, commission, mandate without representation.
1915: One consignor has made in her tiny apartment this year 6,762pies; another, 3,154 doughnuts.
Air Canada brings up several issues that affect both the consignor and consignee.
The statement further mentioned that the auction consignor purchased the item at a public auction in the USA in February 2012 for [pounds sterling]2,267.