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consign (something) to (someone or something)

1. To give or assign something to a someone or something. Who is the most responsible employee I can consign this project to?
2. To mark something to be sent to a particular destination. Consign these packages to the Savannah office, please.
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consign something to someone or something

1. to entrust something to someone, something, or some place. We consigned all the toughest assignments to our top employees. What shipping company should we consign these boxes to?
2. to assign something for shipment to a place. Bill consigned this batch to Denver.
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135) Some case law analyzing the generally known exception under former section 2-326 supports a claim that the dealership was in fact generally known to be substantially engaged in the business of consigning art.
Consignment works better on a specific and ad hoc basis," said Ed Vairo, director of creative marketing at Nourison, adding that the company is not currently consigning goods.
And if we don't make the mastery of technology a non-negotiable in the education and development of our children, we are consigning them to a hopeless existence marked by near-absolute unemployability.
One of these is the tendency to fight crime by consigning constitutional rights to the scrap heap: Police feel free to engage in illegal searches and seizures, prosecutors ignore due process, juveniles are stripped of their hard-won rights - and the courts go along with all of this lest they be charged with being "soft on crime.
THIS year marks the 30th anniversary of Willie Browne's Mocklershill Stables consigning horses to European breeze-up sales.