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consign (something) to (someone or something)

1. To give or assign something to a someone or something. Who is the most responsible employee I can consign this project to?
2. To mark something to be sent to a particular destination. Consign these packages to the Savannah office, please.
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consign something to someone or something

1. to entrust something to someone, something, or some place. We consigned all the toughest assignments to our top employees. What shipping company should we consign these boxes to?
2. to assign something for shipment to a place. Bill consigned this batch to Denver.
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The Consigned Couture's goal is to keep individual sellers and buyers safe while purchasing the designer brands they love at a discounted price.
The agreement should contain all of the necessary terms and conditions to protect the consignor's interest in the consigned goods.
The precarious position of the Berry-Hill and Salander consignors in bankruptcy resulted from the curious treatment of consigned goods in bankruptcy.
At the same time, the customs bureau seized two shipments consigned to Hongtaisheng Steel due to discrepancies in declared weight.
Joint top price was 245 pence per kilo for a British Blue Heifer consigned by J R Spink, Hope House.
Despite this, MICP will proceed with the auction of 336 20-foot container vans of white and glutinous rice consigned to Silent Royalty and 63 20-foot container vans of white and glutinous rice consigned to Starcraft.
Twyla Tharp is in foal to Oasis Dream and will be consigned by Watership Down's Irish satellite, Kiltinan Castle Stud.
Sired by Wilodge Vantastic and consigned by DG & M Edwards and Son from Cilycwm, Llandovery, she was bought by Carwyn Roberts from Rowen, Conwy.
As a general rule, the consignor retains title to its consigned goods, and does not record a sale of the goods until the consignee has either sold or used the goods.
Artists fear (often rightfully so) that some galleries cannot be trusted to pay them for sold consigned works, or to return unsold art in a timely manner.
Inexperience on both sides and the South's failure to act as a whole turned what could have been a victory into a retreat, and consigned Confederate General Braxton Bragg to be forever remembered as mediocre.
It seems that Neri consigned herself to a state of poetic contradiction.
The cargo, consisting of bunker fuel worth more than P700 million, was consigned to SL Harbor Bulk Terminal Corp, a unit of conglomerate San Miguel Corp.