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consider (someone) for (something)

To contemplate giving something (often a particular job or role) to someone. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon made me question that decision. Which actresses are you considering for the lead?
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consider someone (as) something

to think of a person as a particular type of person. I don't consider you as a possible candidate. I consider myself an excellent cook.

consider someone for something

to think about offering someone a job, office, or other responsibility. Would you consider David for the job? I could not possibly consider you for the position.
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We look at and consider the positions taken by the taxpayer and the Service during the examination.
Limited scope opinions only: * Practitioners may provide an opinion that considers less than all significant Federal tax issues if: 1.
In this evaluation, the Board considers a variety of measures, including capital adequacy, asset quality, and earnings performance.
we take a systems and solutions approach that considers all of the yard's key needs.
In such event, the secretary shall transmit the matter to the professional ethics division to take whatever action it considers proper in the circumstances.
Rather than stew about it, he switched positions and now considers himself the best opposite hitter on the Royal High boys' volleyball team.
The client considers one aspect at a time and indicates the level that he or she regards as optimal in that aspect (e.
Edward Shreeves considers the relevance of cooperative collection development in the digital age and questions the relevance of such a model based on the functions and assumptions of the print age.
Accounting considers the employer to have consolidated the ESOP.
In this evaluation, the Board considers a variety of areas, including capital adequacy, asset quality, and earnings performance.
end strikethrough] The ongoing attest engagement team considers the appropriateness or necessity of modifying the engagement procedures to adjust for the risk that, by virtue of the former partner or professional employee's prior knowledge of the audit plan, audit effectiveness could be reduced.
6320-1(e)(3), Q&A-Ell, which states that if an Appeals Officer at a hearing, in exercising his or her discretion, considers issues that should not be considered under Sec.
RC considers the Canadian subsidiary to be the employer in the situation described and requires a T4 slip to be issued to the individual who is now resident in Canada and working for the Canadian subsidiary.
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