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all things considered

Having weighed all aspects of a situation. Yeah, it rained a lot during our vacation, but all things considered, we had a great time. All things considered, she's making a great recovery.
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consider (someone) for (something)

To contemplate giving something (often a particular job or role) to someone. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon made me question that decision. Which actresses are you considering for the lead?
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(one's) considered opinion

One's opinion after giving a topic adequate attention and careful thought. In light of these circumstances, what, in your considered opinion, would be the best way to structure the company?
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your conˌsidered oˈpinion

your opinion that is the result of careful thought: In my considered opinion, ‘Trainspotting’ is one of the best British movies ever made.
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all things conˈsidered

considering all the facts, especially the problems or difficulties, of a situation: She’s had a lot of problems since her husband died but she seems quite cheerful, all things considered.
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all things considered

When everything has been taken into account. The modern sense implies a careful weighing of all circumstances involved, making this phrase a precautionary one (compare it to when all’s said and done). G. K. Chesterton used it as the title of a collection of his essays (1908), and it also is the name of a thoughtful talk show on U.S. public radio. In both cases it is the idea of thoughtfulness that is stressed. In ordinary speech the phrase has been in common use for about a century.
See also: all, considered, thing
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If they have a decree of legal separation, they are considered unmarried for tax purposes and cannot file a joint return.
And, if poetry is what we are seeking, our reading of the spaces should be as sensitively considered as the manner in which they have been composed.
The Board has considered these factors in light of all the facts of record, including confidential reports of examination, other supervisory information from the primary federal supervisors of the organizations involved in the proposal, publicly reported and other financial information, and information provided by the applicant.
Also, if you have filed for an extension, your offer is not likely to be considered until the return on the extension is filed.
To correctly size the work tool, the range of material density the machine is expected to handle needs to be considered.
Common goods are values generally considered desirable, such as opportunity, income, and self-respect.
Angelina Duggan of CropLife America--which represents agricultural-chemical companies--says Swan's sample was too small, should have considered infertile men, took samples in the heat of summer when sperm counts typically drop, and considered too small a window in the man's life instead of an overall history.
The bottom line is that ROI should definitely be considered as part of every project--from the eyes of senior management, purchasing, legal and therefore IT.
This article provides a broad overview of the types of factors courts have considered in conducting their totality of the circumstances analysis into whether a person has voluntarily consented to a search.
Thus, the aspects "working hours" and "using verbal abilities" may be considered as core aspects of this occupation (whereas "finger dexterity," for example, may not be).
Specifically, the camp wanted to know more about how their prospects considered the materials the camp had sent to their homes and how the final decisions were made.
In particular, I was an All Things Considered poet.
Trisha Davis sets the legal and technical context in which selection of resources takes place at the local institution, thereby establishing the factors that must also be considered in the larger arena of shared resources.
Although any studio other than your home base will present you with a new array of teachers, the use of guest teachers by a program might be considered.