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(one's) considered opinion

One's opinion after giving a topic adequate attention and careful thought. In light of these circumstances, what, in your considered opinion, would be the best way to structure the company? In my considered opinion, there are several ways you could rectify your financial situation, but they all will take time. The boss wants me to give him my considered opinion tomorrow, but I honestly don't know if this deal can be salvaged.
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all things considered

Having weighed all aspects of a situation. Yeah, it rained a lot during our vacation, but all things considered, we had a great time. All things considered, she's making a great recovery. No, it's not the dress I really wanted, but it's fine, all things considered. This dress is almost as pretty and, more importantly, it's here in-store!
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be considered armed and dangerous

To be presumed to possess a weapon and be very likely to use it against others. Typically said of criminals, especially fugitives. Police have said that the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. They are urging the public to use caution if he is spotted.

consider (someone) armed and dangerous

To presume that someone possesses a weapon and is very likely to use it against others. Typically said of criminals, especially fugitives. Police are considering the suspect armed and dangerous. They are urging the public to use caution if he is spotted.
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consider (someone) for (something)

To contemplate giving something (often a particular job or role) to someone. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon made me question that decision. Which actresses are you considering for the lead?
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your conˌsidered oˈpinion

your opinion that is the result of careful thought: In my considered opinion, ‘Trainspotting’ is one of the best British movies ever made.
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all things conˈsidered

considering all the facts, especially the problems or difficulties, of a situation: She’s had a lot of problems since her husband died but she seems quite cheerful, all things considered.
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all things considered

When everything has been taken into account. The modern sense implies a careful weighing of all circumstances involved, making this phrase a precautionary one (compare it to when all’s said and done). G. K. Chesterton used it as the title of a collection of his essays (1908), and it also is the name of a thoughtful talk show on U.S. public radio. In both cases it is the idea of thoughtfulness that is stressed. In ordinary speech the phrase has been in common use for about a century.
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The Board also has considered the willingness and efforts undertaken by Wachovia's management to ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal law and to improve compliance programs and policies in light of these investigations.
Since management determines the number of major funds (each of which is considered an opinion unit), the auditor may not know the number of opinion units when the terms of the engagement are being set.
Appeals will consider the same issues it would have considered in a collection-due-process hearing; see Regs.
In performing the external evaluation process, however, many physicians report not knowing where to begin, whom to consult, how to proceed, or how to know when each relevant variable has been thoroughly considered. Furthermore, the gold standard of medical information-gathering, the literature search, typically generates limited helpful information.
The main reason is that the joint return is considered to be one taxpayer and two single returns are considered two taxpayers, and there are many items in the Internal Revenue Code that have an allowance or a limit per taxpayer.
While the courtyard type presented a fascinating planning format that Caruso St John may well have enjoyed working with, the site was considered too small for a centralised courtyard scheme.
The Board has considered these factors in light of all the facts of record, including confidential reports of examination, other supervisory information from the primary federal supervisors of the organizations involved in the proposal, publicly reported and other financial information, and information provided by the applicant.
Finally, before an Offer in Compromise will be considered, the last alternative would be an installment agreement.
South Dakota and Arkansas have similar laws and l0 other states considered such bills in 2004.
Marquette, while Catholic, is also Jesuit, a sect of the church that has long been considered a liberal bastion of the faith.
During my tenure as the Deputy Secretary and Acting Secretary of the VA, a similar proposal to expand access to the FSS pharmaceutical schedules was considered. After conducting a thorough analysis of this proposal, we concluded that this expansion, which was supported by a General Accounting Office report in 1997, would ultimately result in a $153.1 million increase in our annual budget.
In his eighth question, al-Biruni asks how is it that Aristotle considered the element fire to be spherical.
If the scrap handler must move frequently to different sites in the yard, a scrap handler mounted on a wheeled undercarriage should be considered instead of a scrap handler mounted on a track undercarriage.
A man is considered effectively infertile if his sperm counts fall below 20 million per milliliter, and his fertility is considered impaired below 40 million per milliliter.