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consider (someone) for (something)

To contemplate giving something (often a particular job or role) to someone. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon made me question that decision. Which actresses are you considering for the lead?
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consider someone (as) something

to think of a person as a particular type of person. I don't consider you as a possible candidate. I consider myself an excellent cook.

consider someone for something

to think about offering someone a job, office, or other responsibility. Would you consider David for the job? I could not possibly consider you for the position.
See also: consider
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The financing professional will consider these variables in the context of the prospective borrowers' project, financing needs as well as the short- and/or long-term investment goals of the principals.
The checklist also encourages tax advisers to consider other issues, such as business/non-business treatment, apportionment and allocation factors, net operating losses (NOLs) and supporting documentation.
Every time material is moved, recyclers should consider if they can find a way to optimize their operations.
Here we consider children between the ages of 18 and 24, inclusive.
That amount, the estate argued, was the IRAs' fair market value--the amount a willing buyer would pay and a willing seller would accept in an arm's length transaction--as a buyer would consider future tax liability before determining a price.
In this instance, therefore, when considering the derivation of this form, we should consider the existing to be the site, and the known to be the chosen technology of construction.
We look at and consider the positions taken by the taxpayer and the Service during the examination.
Seven in 10 women in a diverse sample of prenatal care patients said that they would consider terminating a subsequent pregnancy, but among this group, the proportions who would consider having an abortion for various reasons ranged widely.
Section 3 of the BHC Act requires the Board to consider the financial and managerial resources and future prospects of the companies and depository institutions involved in the proposal and certain other supervisory factors.
Additionally, the following checklist contains important objectives to consider when approaching upcoming D&O insurance renewals:
If you are faced with this dilemma and cannot afford to pay the Internal Revenue Service, consider submitting an Offer in Compromise.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported in late November that the Texas legislature would consider in its 2005 session a measure that would let pharmacists refuse to dispense some birth control medication.
Why should it be so shocking that I, a bartender at a gay bar, leader of a gay-straight alliance, 'also consider a spiritual vocation, even one in the Catholic Church?