consent to

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consent to (something)

To agree to something. Do you have your permission slip? We need proof that your parents have consented to your participation in the field trip. Good luck getting her to consent to such dramatic changes to the script.
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consent to something

to agree to permit something to happen. I will not consent to your marriage. There is no need for you to consent to anything.
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References in classic literature ?
if you had a much thought about making me easy as you have about making me rich, you would soon consent to it.
Indeed, I had preserved the elder brother's bonds to me, to pay #500, which he offered me for my consent to marry his brother; and this, with what I had saved of the money he formerly gave me, about as much more by my husband, left me a widow with about #1200 in my pocket.
Lastly, sir, I promise you I would not myself, for any consideration, no, not for the whole world, consent to marry this young lady, if I was not persuaded she had all the passion for me which I desire she should have.
I am not sure that she loves me or would consent to marry me.
Well, then," said Wakem, rather brutally, trying to recover his previous position, "if she doesn't care for you, you might have spared yourself the trouble of talking to me about her, and you might have spared me the trouble of refusing my consent to what was never likely to happen.
Indeed, I believe she will not put herself to the expense of taking me up to London again, unless I surrender: she cannot afford to take me to town for pleasure and nonsense, she says, and it is not every rich gentleman that will consent to take me without a fortune, whatever exalted ideas I may have of my own attractions.
George could not give up Amelia-- George was married to her"--and then he related the circumstances of the marriage as we know them already: how the poor girl would have died had not her lover kept his faith: how Old Sedley had refused all consent to the match, and a licence had been got: and Jos Sedley had come from Cheltenham to give away the bride: how they had gone to Brighton in Jos's chariot-and-four to pass the honeymoon: and how George counted on his dear kind sisters to befriend him with their father, as women--so true and tender as they were--assuredly would do.
At the same time, Christopher,' added Mr Garland, glancing at the note in his hand, 'if the gentleman should want to borrow you now and then for an hour or so, or even a day or so, at a time, we must consent to lend you, and you must consent to be lent.
A state of the law which allows the interchange of matrimonial consent to be proved by inference leaves a wide door open to conjecture.
Under that exception, officers are permitted to make a warrantless entry to arrest a suspect based on the consent to enter given earlier to an undercover officer or informant.
1362-6(b)(2)(i) states that if stock of the electing corporation is held as community property, or if the income from the stock is community property, both the husband and the wife must consent to the S election.
Pursuant to the consent solicitation, Peoples Energy is requesting that holders of the Notes as of February 14, 2007, the record date for the consent solicitation, consent to certain proposed amendments to the Indenture governing the Notes.
Law enforcement officers often ask individuals if they will consent to a search of something, such as a package, vehicle, or dwelling.
Holders who tender Notes are required to consent to the proposed amendments to the indenture and the Notes.
Evidence confiscated during a consent search is admissible in a subsequent trial, as long as the officer conducting the search follows the fundamental requirements of the consent to search doctrine and is able to prove the same.