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age of consent

The age at which a person is legally able to give consent, as to sexual relations, marriage, or a binding contract. Some people advocate lowering the age of consent, but some worry it will cause an increase in promiscuity among young people. Here, the age of consent is 18, but it varies from state to state. Are you talking about the girl over there who's clearly younger than the age of consent? Yeah, I'd stay away from her unless you want to spend your future days in a cell!
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consent to (something)

To agree to something. Do you have your permission slip? We need proof that your parents have consented to your participation in the field trip. Good luck getting her to consent to such dramatic changes to the script.
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enthusiastic consent

The act of explicitly and enthusiastically expressing the desire to have a sexual encounter with someone and maintaining and communicating that enthusiasm throughout the experience. Men and women often have very different ideas about verbal and nonverbal cues, but an enthusiastic consent model solves all that.
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silence gives consent

If one does not object to or stand up against something that one does not like or agree with, then one is complicit in permitting it to happen. People like to pretend they are outraged by these policies, but when they do nothing to stop them, their silence gives consent. A: "Are you sure Dad is OK with us borrowing the car?" B: "I texted him about it and he didn't say we couldn't. In my book, silence gives consent."
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silence means consent

If you do not voice your objection to something, then it is assumed that you support it. A: "Why did you think I would agree to punishing a student so harshly?" B: "Well, you didn't say anything when we originally discussed this plan! Silence means consent." Make sure to speak up when you disagree with something, because, for many people, silence means consent.
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consent to something

to agree to permit something to happen. I will not consent to your marriage. There is no need for you to consent to anything.
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Silence gives consent.

Prov. If you do not object to what someone says or does, you can be assumed to agree with or condone it. Jill: What did Fred say when you told him we were thinking about leaving the office early? Jane: He didn't say anything. Jill: Then he must not mind if we go. Silence gives consent.
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The elder brother having thus managed me, his next business was to manage his mother, and he never left till he had brought her to acquiesce and be passive in the thing, even without acquainting the father, other than by post letters; so that she consented to our marrying privately, and leaving her to mange the father afterwards.
If consent eliminates duties owed to potential military targets, then there is no conflict between those duties and the duty to participate in military destruction that might be owed to one's government or fellow citizens.
Businesses have found that FCC enforcement is not the biggest risk under the TCPA, as even more costly are private plaintiff's use of the confusing consent obligations as a basis for class actions seeking the TCPA's penalties of $500 to $1,500 per call/message.
An essential and fundamental patient right is the right to consent to medical treatment.
Paladin Energy Ltd (Paladin) also refers to its previous announcement dated 23 July 2019 regarding the launch of a consent solicitation to its Noteholders pursuant to which Paladin has sought Noteholder consent to certain waivers and releases under the terms of the Notes in order to facilitate the sale of its shares in Paladin (Africa) Limited to Lotus Resources Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Hylea Metals Limited (ASX: HCO) (Share Sale) (Consent Solicitation).
Emec is applying for site-wide Section 36 consent at its gridconnected Billia Croo site.
SPRINGFIELD A bill making school districts that teach sex education give a fuller definition of sexual consent is on its way to the governor to be signed into law.
The research study is titled " Consent management Market Predicted to Expand at a CAGR of 9.0% during Forecast 2018-2028" which encloses important data about the production, consumption, revenue and market share, merged with information related to the market scope and product overview.
The Exchange Offers and the Consent Solicitations will now expire at 9:00 a.m., New York City time, on April 18, 2019, unless extended further (the "New Expiration Date").
We also have no doubt that consensual sexual intercourse can become unlawful where the victim withdraws consent after the initial act of penetration has occurred.
Can an otherwise legally competent child alone ever consent to a surgical operation?
has announced it has received and accepted the requisite consents for its consent solicitation proposing certain amendments to the indenture governing the company's outstanding senior notes, the company said.
NEW YORK: VICI Properties 1 LLC and VICI FC Inc., VICI Properties Inc.'s indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries, commenced the solicitation of consents to amend (the "Proposed Amendments") the indenture dated as of October 6, 2017 governing the Notes.
An essential component of this is ensuring that they understand what's going on (so far as possible) and that they consent to it.
Reportedly, the consent solicitations are being made solely on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in the consent solicitation statement dated 14 May 2018.