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age of consent

The age at which a person is legally able to give consent, as to sexual relations, marriage, or a binding contract. Some people advocate lowering the age of consent, but some worry it will cause an increase in promiscuity among young people.
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silence means consent

If you do not voice your objection to something, then it is assumed that you support it. A: "Why did you think I would agree to punishing a student so harshly?" B: "Well, you didn't say anything when we originally discussed this plan! Silence means consent." Make sure to speak up when you disagree with something, because, for many people, silence means consent.
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consent to (something)

To agree to something. Do you have your permission slip? We need proof that your parents have consented to your participation in the field trip. Good luck getting her to consent to such dramatic changes to the script.
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enthusiastic consent

The act of explicitly and enthusiastically expressing the desire to have a sexual encounter with someone and maintaining and communicating that enthusiasm throughout the experience. Men and women often have very different ideas about verbal and nonverbal cues, but an enthusiastic consent model solves all that.
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consent to something

to agree to permit something to happen. I will not consent to your marriage. There is no need for you to consent to anything.
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Silence gives consent.

Prov. If you do not object to what someone says or does, you can be assumed to agree with or condone it. Jill: What did Fred say when you told him we were thinking about leaving the office early? Jane: He didn't say anything. Jill: Then he must not mind if we go. Silence gives consent.
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An officer must obtain a search warrant before entering the third party's home, unless there is an emergency or the resident gives consent to search.
the request for the extension of time to file a consent is made within a reasonable time under the circumstances; and
The consent solicitation is conditioned on the receipt of consents from holders of at least a majority in aggregate principal amount of the Notes and will expire at 5:00 p.
Supreme Court's totality of the circumstances test, the impact of everything that occurs during the course of an individual giving consent to search a particular person, place, or thing must be considered when determining if the consent was voluntary.
New York City time, on Monday, February 5, 2007 (the "Early Consent Time") to consent and receive the Premium Consent Payment.
Matlock(2) in 1974, consent as an exception to the fourth amendment warrant requirement became a fairly well-settled principal of law.
The record date for the consent solicitation is the close of business, New York City time, on Friday, January 26, 2007.
New York City time, on February 1, 2007 (the "Consent Extension Date") will be eligible to receive the total consideration offered pursuant to the tender offers and consent solicitations.
Accordingly, EOP Operating Limited Partnership has received all of the requisite consents sought in connection with its consent solicitations and cash tender offers in respect of an aggregate of approximately $8.
EOP Operating Limited Partnership indicated that it has extended the consent payment deadline for the tender offers and consent solicitations for the Notes issued under the 1997 Indenture and the Notes issued under the 2000 Indenture and, as a result, holders of such Notes who wish to receive the total consideration offered pursuant to the tender offers for such Notes must now validly tender and not validly withdraw their Notes on or prior to 5:00 p.
In addition, EOP Operating Limited Partnership has amended its previously announced consent solicitations for the Notes to make a further correction, in addition to the corrections set forth in the Equity Office Properties Trust ("Equity Office") press release dated December 29, 2006.
All other material terms of the consent solicitation remain unchanged.
CHICAGO -- Equity Office Properties Trust (NYSE: EOP) announced today that its subsidiary, EOP Operating Limited Partnership, has amended its previously announced consent solicitations to make certain corrections.
The consent solicitation is being conducted in connection with the previously announced agreement of Equity Office Properties Trust ("Equity Office") and EOP Operating Limited Partnership to be merged with affiliates of The Blackstone Group.