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consecrate (someone or something) to God

To devote or dedicate someone or something to God's service. I'm going to the ceremony to consecrate our new chapel to God.
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consecrate someone or something to God

to pledge someone to the service of God; to dedicate something to the glory or service of God. They consecrated the new church building to the glory of God.
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Melkite Patriarchate of Antioch Gregory III Laham, BS, was his consecrator and the co-consecrators were Archbishop Jean Mansour, SMSP, titular archbishop of Apamea in Syria dei Greco-Melkiti and Archbishop Joseph Kallas, SMSP, Archeparch of Beirut and Jbeil, on September 2, 2001.
(13) Voir Regula canonicorum, 7 7 [De illis qui soli missas contra canonicam auctoritatem canere praesumunt]: PL 89, 1089: <<Nam etsi interrogatus, aut contemptus, hujusmodi corporis et sanguinis Domini solitarius consecrator fuerit, quid respondere poterit?
Consecrator __/gratia quae per sacramentum Eucharistiae sicut/et per alia ex opera operato confertur.
Moran had been the principal consecrator of O'Reily as a bishop, and had shown consideration for O'Reily addressing pressing financial problems in O'Reily's own diocese of Adelaide.
To become a consecrator of art is, at least in part, to become a dealer in art.
If balance is the leitmotif of Popes and Politics, it does not describe Lawler's characterization of those he calls "ideological denigrators" and "ideological consecrators" of the papacy.
The views on human sexuality of Archbishops Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda and Moses Tay of Southeast Asia (the chief consecrators of the conservative "missionary bishops" in the U.S.