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consecrate (someone or something) to God

To devote or dedicate someone or something to God's service. I'm going to the ceremony to consecrate our new chapel to God.
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consecrate someone or something to God

to pledge someone to the service of God; to dedicate something to the glory or service of God. They consecrated the new church building to the glory of God.
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But they failed to act on a recommendation made by the Lambeth Commission for a moratorium on consecrating gay bishops who are in same-sex relationships and on authorizing official prayer services for same-sex blessings, saying they did not wish to "act in haste." The bishops will meet anew in March to discuss these issues.
As in the case of indulgences, for example, some priests accepted money for saying Mass and consecrating the Eucharist with the special intentions of the benefactor in mind.
A more serious objection to the excommunication of bishops and the charge of schism is that consecrating bishops is not an act of schism.
She noted that the report does not ask that ECUSA or New Westminster to "express regret" for consecrating Bishop Robinson or for authorizing same-sex blessings--only for the consequences of those actions.
In 1989, single persons also became members of Solitude Myriam, consecrating their lives to God for the unity of families.
It seems like the two consecrating bishops, the primates of Singapore and Rwanda, are making the point that what goes around can come around.
We, too, are "called to be mothers of God, bearing Jesus Christ in human souls." And this can be effected by consecrating ourselves to Mary, "to be changed into her, that she alone remains, so that we may be as much hers as she is God's.
The Holy Father then decided--"in order to respond more fully to the requests of Our Lady"--to make the Act of Entrustment more explicit during the Holy Year of Redemption, 1984, consecrating the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary together with Catholics around the world.