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consecrate (someone or something) to God

To devote or dedicate someone or something to God's service. I'm going to the ceremony to consecrate our new chapel to God.
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consecrate someone or something to God

to pledge someone to the service of God; to dedicate something to the glory or service of God. They consecrated the new church building to the glory of God.
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On May 13, 1982, Pope John Paul II, after the concelebrated Mass in Fatima consecrated the modern world to her.
This book is, therefore, recommended for all Christians who are desirous of living consecrated lives according to the dictates and command of God.
The surveys second question was: "What would become of the world if there were no consecrated persons?" I would rather not live in such a world.
Granting permission for the exhumation, he said: "The normal rule is that burial in consecrated land is permanent, and that a faculty will only exceptionally be granted for exhumation.
He was consecrated an Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool in 1965 and in June 2005 celebrated 40 years as a bishop in a special mass at the cathedral so closely associated with him.
Mr McClean said: "Once a body or ashes have been interred in consecrated ground, in a churchyard or consecrated section of a municipal cemetery, there should be no disturbance of the remains, save for good and proper reasons.
Mr McClean, quoting the comments of another church judge in a similar case, added: "Once a body or ashes have been interred in consecrated ground, whether in a churchyard or in a consecrated section of a municipal cemetery, there should be no disturbance of the remains save for good and proper reason."
Incidentally, although St Paul's Church was consecrated in 1779, the spire was not added until 1824.
Consecrated persons, for their part, grasped the strong call to live in a state of conversion for accomplishing their specific mission in the Church: to be witnesses of Christ, epiphany of the love of God in the world, recognizable signs of reconciled humanity.
Very few who visit it, however, are familiar with the story behind the basilica or the devotion to which it is consecrated, and even many historians fail to understand why during the early years of the Third Republic the Sacred Heart was central to a cultural and political struggle over French national identity.
The General Cemetery of All Souls at Kensal Green (consecrated in 1833) was the first great necropolis to be laid out near London, and owes its origins to the transformation of the picturesque English landscaped garden in France as a place of sepulture, commemoration and Elysium of allusion.
George Boyd's play, Consecrated Ground, relates the experiences of a few citizens of Africville in the days preceding the final destruction of the Halifax community.
Augustine went to Arles in France to be consecrated as " bishop of the English, " then returned and, with Ethelbert's support of his mission, baptized ten thousand converts the same year.
She was one of four women bishops to be consecrated at the same time by the Archbishop of Canterbury.
And so, the cardinal asked all the consecrated and baptized to bring good news to the poor and suffering.