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conscript into (something)

To draft one into the armed forces. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conscript" and "into." Young people fear that they will be conscripted into service if these tensions explode into all-out war.
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conscript someone into something

to call someone into military service; to draft someone. The war-torn country was even conscripting children into the army. Fred was conscripted into the army.
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During the service, the level of BMI of the 21% of the conscripts decreased (4% on average), of 75% it increased (6% on average) and of 4% it remained the same.
Because so many soldiers in the all-volunteer military are married with families (compared to conscript armies), and because soldiers must periodically be induced or persuaded to voluntarily reenlist, the Pentagon must rotate its forces in and out of theater every 12 months or so in order to maintain morale and reenlistment.
According to the Finnish newspaper Demari, the commander had said that the worst problems surface when the conscripts have to adapt to a new rhythm of life in the military and are not able maintain their hobbies of "surfing" the Internet during the nights.
Given the paucity of published accounts by conscripts, the author has sensibly made wise use of the unpublished sources in the Imperial War Museum's admirable Department of Documents, and these add both to the texture and authority of her work.
Because many senior military officials noted publicly that the existing nine-month conscription produces troops of limited utility, Hungary initiated a program to attract contract (extended-service) soldiers who could perform tasks that conscripts are unable to perform (e.
The service, lasting from 12-14 months, would be longer than conscript service, which lasts 8-11 months, because people in civilian service only have to spend 40 hours a week in service.
Following Friday's attack, the army pledged retaliation for the blood of the killed conscripts and airstrikes were quickly launched against "Sinai Province".
Following a visit of committee members at the Larnaca military training facilities (KEN), Sizopoulos said that the condition of the 19-year-old conscript from Lythrodontas, who is intubated at the Nicosia general hospital's ICU after suffering heatstroke at the KEN last week, is stable and presents improvement.
Other military conscripts will be transferred to the reserve in October - December 2016.
A limited number of conscripts can join as ground/base staff in the Air Force.
According to Suerkulov, the Minister of Defense will install cameras in all of the barracks where conscripts will be located.
The reduction in military service means that the number of conscripts will be reduced by around one-fifth.
Eritrea's mandatory military service conscripts all citizens aged between 18 and 40 years (both men and women), into military duties for a period of 18 months.
Summary: The train crash of Badrashin in Giza Governorate has, by association, put the entire railway service in the spotlight in terms of the need to have infrastructure overhauled and human resources promoted, but this accident in particular has put the condition of conscripts in the limelight.
army murder case that led to the death of Armenian conscripts.