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conscript into (something)

To draft one into the armed forces. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conscript" and "into." Young people fear that they will be conscripted into service if these tensions explode into all-out war.
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conscript someone into something

to call someone into military service; to draft someone. The war-torn country was even conscripting children into the army. Fred was conscripted into the army.
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Conscripts sent to the southern provinces will receive a bonus of MAD 300.After the end of the one-year military service on August 31, conscripts of both sexes will be assigned to the different ranks of the first military regiment based on their qualifications.
After completion of the one-month training, the conscripts will swear in and will be then dispatched to the military unit 75564 to serve at radar stations.
"The NPA needs to think about why the conscripted policemen had to wait such a long time before reporting it," Lim said.
The 2nd Infantry Brigade accepted more than 400 conscripts, including about ten young women.
Hundreds of Egyptian soldiers, police officers, and conscripts have been killed since 2013 when the Islamist former president Mohammed Morsi was ousted after mass protests.
As a result, 14 conscripts were killed and several others were wounded, the Ethiopia-based Eritrean opposition group said citing to its credible sources from inside the Red Sea nation.
At the camp, Al Mazrui learned about the training programme designed for female conscripts, such as using arms as well as gaining skills on self-independency, punctuality and others.
The youngest minister in the UAE made these statements during her first field visit to a military school to meet women conscripts, who were undergoing a training programme.
Conscripts who have faced violence, however, paint a different picture.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- More than 650 soldiers were subjected to ill treatment such as verbal insult, beating, excessive physical activity or disproportionate punishment during their compulsory military service last year in Turkey, according to a report from a civil society organization that tracks ill treatment of conscripts.
Cairo, October 04 (BNA) -Two army conscripts were killed, and one conscript and one officer were injured -- one of whom is in critical condition - in a drive-by shooting targeting a military armed personnel carrier (APC) on the highway connecting Cairo to the Suez Canal city of Ismailia, Ahram Online said.
Speculations of what really took place given the scarce official information about details of the operation as well as overwhelming joy over the safe return of the abductees, are feared, however, to overshadow both the psychological condition of the released abductees and the central security conscripts' working conditions in general.
South Korean military conscripts may have dreamed of defending the homeland but in Les Miserables their life is one of snow shovelling and thwarted love.
the health of conscripts, Seyran Ohanyan, Defense Minister of Armenia, told media, Friday.
The purposes of this would be as follows: Instead of training for war, conscripts will be given work experience and will also have the benefit of social mixing and advice, including with people from different ethnicities and backgrounds; The service will be run on Army lines of discipline; Evenings could be spent on sport, or on extra studies as needed; As a reward for the week's efforts, weekends would include organised outdoor pursuits.