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conscript into (something)

To draft one into the armed forces. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conscript" and "into." Young people fear that they will be conscripted into service if these tensions explode into all-out war.
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conscript someone into something

to call someone into military service; to draft someone. The war-torn country was even conscripting children into the army. Fred was conscripted into the army.
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The NPA needs to think about why the conscripted policemen had to wait such a long time before reporting it," Lim said.
Bevin Boys were the young men conscripted into the armed forces and diverted for military service in 1943 by Labour minister Ernest Bevin in order to tackle a shortage of coal for the factories supplying the war effort.
CONSCRIPTED into the German army during the last weeks of the war, teenager Helmut Altner was to see some of the most ferocious fighting of the Second World War as the Third Reich battled to save its capital city and its very own existence.
The armed forces show a distinct lack of interest in a new draft (an inconvenience Moskos chalks up to institutional rigidity), and arguably have reached a state of professional specialization that renders conscripted legions unnecessary or problematic.
In 1945, in retaliation for an uprising in which five Japanese supervisors were killed, 113 conscripted Chinese laborers at the mine were tortured to death in what is known as the Hanaoka Incident.
The top court's First Petty Bench, upholding a high court ruling, rejected the plaintiffs' argument that Japan should pay compensation in accordance with society's basic sentiments as Japan has no legislation to compensate foreigners conscripted into its military.
Author Patrick Dennis (Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies) follows the footsteps and fates of Canadians conscripted into military service with the Canadian Corps at the end of WWI in 1918, during the period known as the Hundred Days.
Only Egyptian men with a male sibling are allowed to be conscripted, if they have no male siblings or dual citizenship they are exempt from service.
Of the 27 EU member states only six still retain mandatory military service: men only are conscripted in Austria for 6 to 12 months; Cyprus, 24 months; Denmark, 4 to12 months; Estonia, 8 to 11 months; Finland, 6 to12 months and Greece, 9 months as of 2009 while developing a professional force, despite earlier promises that the draft would be reduced to six months.
Out-of-control youths should be conscripted into the military instead of being handed anti-social behaviour orders, a mayor has said - after a home-coming parade for soldiers in his town.
THE "Bevin Boys" who were conscripted into mines duringWorld War II are to finally be honoured.
Many suffered abuse from people who thought they had chosen not to fight, when in fact they were conscripted to the coal industry through a Whitehall lottery.